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Tutorials no points?

I don't know if this has been argued before or not, if so just say so and close the topic please. But i really don't think that the tutorials section of the forums should be a no points topic. It's a part of the forums where people can really shared their knowledge. And some of us can post some really lenghty topics in there to help others. for there to be no points for that topic I personally am kina swayed to not even bother to write the post. I'm trying to keep my points up here. I'm getting very knowledgeable with php and on a few forums I offer people the option of me writing a tutorial. So I will write them out and put them in the tutorial sections to share with everyone. Since this is a kind of service to the site, and the site requires me to post in order to keep up my service. I think thatthe posts made in that section should count towards our points... That's all
i feel that tutorials and the introduction sections are places of much less interesting topics and more personal waffle, which is friendly and welcoming and which is why I like this place. But I also think points should be earned for a good input to the conversation by sharing opinions and ideas, which in all fairness should include the introduction and tutorial sections.
Well thanks for the support Lennon; however it seems you kinda diminished the point i was trying to make. I was trying to show that the tutorials section is kinda important. If you notice the scripts section is kinda one of the busiest sections on the site. Now if i were to help someone in the scripts area I would most likely post the scripting out in the tutorials section and explain the script out so everyone could find it, and use it for their own sites and projects. My point is that the tutorials section should be considered more than just some hang out section of these forums. it shouild be onsidered as one of the more important sections of the forums. There are actual sites out there that are almost completely dedicated to having tutorials on how to create different scripts like Tuoraials are more than just "personal waffle"
Yes I agree, tutorials are as important as scripting.
In fact, some users are reaping points and FRIH$ from the scripting forum coz if you know you're stuff there's unlimited amount of posting there, so maybe also there should be less points in the scripting forum.
Back in the day (well, when I first joined) points were available in all forums, but there were so many incidents of people just copy-pasting tutorials from other sites that the decision was made to try and reduce spamming...
But that copying-pasting rule is forbidden now anyway, so It shouldn't affect the tutorial anymore.
Lennon wrote:
But that copying-pasting rule is forbidden now anyway, so It shouldn't affect the tutorial anymore.

That doesnt mean that people still wont do it. It is hard to proved that the poster copy and paste the contents from somewhere else instead of typing it up themselves.
but like anything there are good points and bad points, I'm really undecided becuase I never go there so I guess I don't know whether it is waffle or not...
It's beacuse of the copy&pasters and just because its not allowed doesnt mean it doesnt happen. Highlight some code and click search and you get often pages of sites with it. Also people add duplicates of codes and even simple codes like a link i've seen. A whole topic for a 1 line html <a> tag without any explantion of what it is, how it works or can be expanded.

You could suggest a dedicated mod for the forum to give points to good tutorialists but replies are still spam with LOTS of posts being "Thanks", "Thanks for that", "That helped a lot!" all spam
Thanks for that. Wink
Well for now and until there is a way to get points in the tutorials I'll be making requests for people that want help with their scripting to visit my site's foerums and post in there for a reply... At least then the content is an addition to my site, and I get something out of it. And at the same time I get to help the people that needed the help in the first place... That works for me!
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