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hey is there a photography thread or section on frihost?
There is now. Wink
anyone else here dabble in photog?

i do


thats awesome.
is that a true photo or did you edit it in a program?
mine was a true photo. the only thing i did in photoshop was add the title and the copyright.
sweet more people need to post pictures
yeah i just colored it in photoshop with that gradient, the original is with b&w film
sweet. i lack photoshop skills so all my pictures have to look cool when i take it lol.
Oh, I just love taking pictures of what surrounds me and I just received a camera, it's so nice.

A lot of them are at
(yeah, I know, it's in french, sorry...)

Do I do good ones?
I do some amateur photography as a side hobby:

Go to my site for more:

XSTG - you have some very cute pictures of animals. Smile
W00t i stareted a cool thread. its awesome.
i love photography. what kinda of cameras are you guys using?
i have the eos digital rebel. i love it, saving up for the 5d tho. god thats so sweet.
i have a few pics.. i'll try to dig em out...

i have a very basic.. 7 mega pixa small camera not sure of the make lol

im not a photographer but if theres moment worth capturing i snap away!
Go to my personnal photo gallery :
The "photography 3" page have my most recents pics...

You can also visit my profile on (free stock photography site) here I only have 11 pictures on this site but maybe more soon =)!

Please take note that Im only 13 years old and my digital camera has only 1.3 megapixels =(

Note to all people on frihost : happy Valentine's day !
wow, 13? there is some good shots on there. def. keep up the good work man.
WOW!! these are damn good photos!! really cool..
halo ! i like taking photos too. and i think your photos are so beautiful. How many years have you been doing photography, all the above guys ?
yea! i got it working.
its a gallery of my work.

Yeah, it's not great... at all. Laughing The name scrawled across is just my username, I nolonger have access to the original.

And a picture from getty's that I photoshopped for a class:


Whoa, cool pics. I don't have a camera...
wow this thr3ead is becoming quite awesome. Keep it up peoples
Some awesome photos in there!!!!!!
Yeh, i try to experiment with different cameras,lenses,filters etc.
I find it a more complicated form of painting, but you have more time to take different shots.
Dude your location looks interesting. do mind telling me where it is.
i really like how many people are photographers here.
i used my sit here to house my pictures.
its easier to post the link then my pictures.
Wow. Cool photos. Very Happy
Hey, Im also into amature photography.
I have been photographing for about 5 months.

I also have tons more via
this post rocks...ill post my pics when i get them organised
wow i really like the cat. nice colors on it. keep em coming people.
I did not take this, but it is one of my favorite pics:

all are artistic pics ,they are all beauterful
Its a great hobby. I hope when i get older i will get into it. There is just them times where it is like. Where is the camara when you need one. Hopefully I can take as good of photos as the ones I see here.
Moved. I think this forum is the best to have this thread in Wink
some of them grate and others not so grate Confused
Finally.....a photography discussion

A few of mine are in the portfolio section of the site below.
I use a Nikon D70 and a Nikon N65.
I started 4-5 years ago with a Minolta dIMAGE S414
I started on a photographic arts degree, but now I'm leaning more towards graphic design and web design.
I love photography, but I think one of the latter degrees will open more doors.
I'm just starting to get a few paying projects, hoping to be able to make a decent living doing something I love.

Look foreward to sharing pics/tips/stories/etc
is there ne way to get this moved back? no one posts ne more cuz they dont know where its at now. this kinda sucks.
I agree.
I wish we could have different categories under Art, like photography, illustration, animation, paintings, 3d modeling, etc.
Jeslyn wrote:

Yeah, it's not great... at all. Laughing The name scrawled across is just my username, I nolonger have access to the original.

And a picture from getty's that I photoshopped for a class:


Jeslyn> Your work on the last photo is really good, but I sincerly prefer the orginal one which are a great portrait, really pure... Wink
I was recently in Amerïka on vacation.
Didnt take that many photos tho.
Heres one i like alot.

wow, nice comp. on that. its been rainy and crappy here so i havent gone out and taken ne more pictures. once i do i will post some.
yea i guess i wont be posting anymore pictures for a while. i broke my lens the other night. gonna cost me 300 to replace it. so pissed i dropped the bag. camera is fine but the lens got smashed into itself nad wont focus. i blame jesus. damn him
Klaw 2
I got a nice photograph here.
It took a few times but then it was good Smile

sweet. nice pic. what kinda camera do you use?
i really wish this would get put back in the main index. no one posts here any more. only people who happen by it. kinda super lame. either that or move the topic up twards the top. this is differnent its not really art gallery, its getting a feel for who is taking pictures around the firhost. man.
Klaw 2
dysturbedstatic wrote:
sweet. nice pic. what kinda camera do you use?

I use a CANNON camera, Digital IXUS 40,
And i got it for my birthday Cool it's a really good small thing, I use it sometimes and makes good pictures.
I guess there are not many photographers on frihost. bummer.
I suggested a weekly/monthly assignment to stir things up, but only one
reply so far. Oh well, maybe if a few of us start doing it, others will start
posting as well.
Cool pictures of photography... I think all of them look pretty good and pretty oops did I just say that lol well you get my point anyways NICE PHOTOGRAPHY and stuff
dysturbedstatic wrote:
gonna cost me 300 to replace it.

Iff you have the F/1.8 version then you just got ripped off by about 220 dollars
IceCameron wrote:
\If you have the F/1.8 version then you just got ripped off by about 220 dollars

really? i havent replaced it yet i ended up buying a fil rebel with a 35-80 lens on it for 50 bucks off a friend, but i really liked my 50 lens. is it only 80 bucks? and where cuz i want to increase my lens collection. i really like the macro pictures i see and i kinda want to dabble into that and high range lens alwasy catch my eye. watching a couple on ebay going for 150 to 300 for a 500 1000 lens. i saw some awesome work done with this mirror lens and the moon. great stuff. but yea if you can point me to where i can grab a 50 1.8 for around 80 bucks please please do tell.
I don't know about Canon, but a Nikon 50/1.8 is $90-100 brand new from a store. You could mess with eBay, but I'd just get a new one. Awesome lens and lots of value for the money.

wow sweet. i will have to get that once fin.aid. comes in. thanks guys.

Nikon D2X digital camera with SanDisk compact flash cards
Nikon D200 digital camera
Fuji S2 digital for digital infrared
Nikon F6 film camera
2 Hasselblad X-Pan bodies dedicated to panoramic images
(1 dedicated to transparencies; 1 dedicated to Infrared)


Nikkor 10.5mm digital fish eye lens
Nikkor 12-24mm, f/4 digital only lens
Nikkor 24-120mm
Nikkor 17-35mm, f/2.8
Nikkor 35-70mm 2.8
Nikkor 85 macro tilt/shift 2.8
Nikkor 80-200mm 2.8
Nikkor 300mm 4
Nikkor 105mm 2.8 macro
Nikkor 200mm, f/4 macro
Hasselblad X-Pan lenses, 30mm, 45mm, 90mm

Sigma 1.4x teleconverter
Sigma 2x teleconverter
Nikon extension tubes 8mm, 14mm, 27.5mm, 52.5mm
Nikon SB-800 flash

81B, 81C, and 81EF warming filters
Singh Ray LB warming polarizer
Tiffen 812
Singh Ray Vari-ND
Singh Ray fog
Singh Ray diffusion
Singh Ray soft focus
Singh Ray red intensifier
Singh Ray LB color intensifier
Singh Ray 10cc Magenta
Singh Ray warm polarizer
Singh Ray blue/gold polarizer
Singh Ray LB polarizer/color intensifier
Singh Ray 2 stop soft edge graduated neutral density filters
Singh Ray 3 stop soft edge graduated neutral desity filter
Singh Ray 3 stop hard edge graduated neutral density filter
Singh Ray 2 and 4 stop reverse graduated neutral density filters
Singh Ray I-Ray infrared filter
Canon 500D close up diopter

Gitzo G1348 carbon fiber w/ Really Right Stuff BH-55 ball head
Gitzo G1348 carbon fiber backup tripod with Arca Swiss B-1 ball head
Bogen 3221 with Kirk BH-3 ball head

Photo Bags
Lowepro Dry Zone 200
Lowepro Photo Trekker AWII,

Sekonic Dualmaster L-558
Wescott 4 in 1 reflector and diffusion disks
The McClamp and The McStick (online store)- stabilizing and placement tools for flower photography
Digital work station
Macintosh G5 2.3Ghz desktop computer, 4 gig RAM
Macintosh G3 desktop computer, 1 gig RaM, dedicated to photo labeling software
Macintosh G4 Powerbook, 1.5 gig RAM (for working on the road) w/ Podium Cool Pad
Wacom Intuos 6x8 tablet and 3x5 tablet (for laptop),
Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 ED scanner
Epson Perception 3200 flatbed scanner
LaCie SCSI CD burner
Epson 7600 inkjet printer
Epson 2200 inkjet printer
Hewlett Packard LaserJet 2100M
Brother HL-5040 text printer
2 Terabyte of external storage

Image editing - Adobe Photoshop
Web authoring - Adobe GoLive
Page layout - Adobe InDesign

damn thats a gear list
kind of sad no one posts in this thread anymore. you should all go check photographerguy's thread on picture contests. its cool.
I guess there aren't any people interested.

I'm looking forward to my class starting in May. It is all about lighting techniques and studio photography.

I haven't been shooting much, I've been trying to learn CSS, Illustrator, and Flash 8, my time behind the camera has been very little lately.

It's a shame, I was hoping to get my photography fix in these forums.
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