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Call of Duty 2 (CoD2)

This game is great, the graphics are quite good and the gameplay is nice. The only thing is you get bored when your a begginer on it because you just don't know anyone, and I don't know about you but I like to have lots of friends on a game, it encourages me to play it alot. Anyway, I think this game is a good one but you need to find a way of making lots of friends on it!
I liked Cod2, but the only problem was that you get bored easily. So i didnt really finish the
I got it on xbox360, good game
i think that a great game ever
Yeah, it's great!

The story is, that some years ago I downloaded CoD 1. It worked at the beginning.
So I played and played.
But then the 1.3 version came. An I couldn't play online anymore.
I didn't want to buy it, because I had already played it through several times.
But when CoD2 came, I buyed it. And I love it Very Happy
Yeah, Cod2 is a very nice game..Smile I often play it.. I play cod1 more. I prefer cod1.. i don't know why... but i think it's because i'm better at Cod1, but i agree, the graphics are fine.. Cod2 is a very nice game.

I like it two

Its way better than call of duty 1

But its interesting that you don't see you life only if you're almost Dead Very Happy

I almost Finished it... only few more missions
I got it for PC. I like to play multiplayer. Best game i have ever played.

If you need another clan member let me know. I really want to see what it is like to play in a clan. I am not really that good yet but getting better.
I have it on xbox and it's very great. I love it. The gameplay is very good and the fights are realists.
It's quite a nice game, but not as close as good as the first one...
Yes, it has -much- better graphics, but I found myself getting pretty bored in the middle...
The first CoD really made you feel the war, but this one just doesn't pass the atmosphere as good as the first one...
It's a fun game to play once, but that's it...
It has great MP though :>
Oh man . I got this game the other day. I love it! I haven't played multiplayer yet , which is what I really would like to do . The graphics on this game are the bomb.
The only drawbacks from playing this is : the gameplay seems to get old after a while. Also , the sniping sucks I think . I hate games where you can't really hide from your enemies in sniping, or they always seem to know where your exact position is.
Anywho I give this game a 4 out of 5!
wait for the pc patch to come out lots of changes and too meet some people on line try joining a clan if you need help Smile
only problem is when, you just get it, say hey lets play easy so I learn the game, and its too easy,
It is ok, don't throw the game away there and then, you can turn the difficulty up.
What I like about it on 360 is that the xbox360 has gamer stats, it adds all your achievement points together to make a total gaming score.
So say you complete a mission, you are working towards your all up stats, this can be fun when your competing with a friend for the highest gamer points in 2 months. Very Happy
Hi all,
I've been playing COD, COD UO and now COD2 online for the last 3 years and never got bored with that games, the catch is to know as many other players as you can, the best would be to join some clan so u will know who you are fighting with this makes game a lot more interesting Wink
its too much of a unrealistic game, it just feels to crap and like medal of honour single player, which is bad Smile
Call of Duty 2 is the best. It has beautiful graphics, the game just is so smooth, and the new smoke effects add the cream to the perfect game. I really want to say that Call of Duty 2 is the peak of World War II FPS. For the last five years the gaming world seems to be based on FPS starting with Half-life and its mod, which led to the WWII Shooters. Medal of Honor was a true moment in gaming history. Finally we could play D-Day, and storm up the beach just like in the Longest Day.

Now so five years or so later COD2 is out. Yea the single player is not the most inventive, considering that most the battle have been over played a bit they do a great job making the single player worth playing. Where this game excels is the whole experience with the graphics, sound, and the multiplayer.
I'd rather like CoD 1, than CoD 2.
ForceRun wrote:
Where this game excels is the whole experience with the graphics, sound, and the multiplayer.

Well writen I couldn't agree more, this game is great in multiplayer mode, but must say that with the well anticipated patc it will get even better Wink
it really is a bad game, its just like medal of honour but worse.
MonkeyWrench wrote:
it really is a bad game, its just like medal of honour but worse.

MOHAA is just a classic man Exclamation
COD is pretty nice in my opinion. Very Happy
the levels and bots very wonderfull game is the call of duty
Cod2 is a very good game but cheaters make's it almost unplayable. God I hate them. I spend a lot of my free time playing it and I've killed almost 50.000 pepole on the server I play the most ,which runs statistic, lol. I hardly wait to activision finaly release their prommised patch and anti-cheating program, I bealive that punkbuster will be their choice.
i did not like this game because some reasons:

- the graphic is bed! very low
- some of the missions are stupids....
- the global servers in the internet are full of bugs
Its a great game, especially the multipl;ayer, its a good feeling when tyou pwn one oof your friends or get a random person in the head lol, My Favouroute map has gotta be Moscow, Russia or Carentan originally from Cod1
roenoy have u played on dx9 aa/af on and high resolution, couse I don't know which issues can u have on graphics which is very good - in every review they give high scores for graphics and gameplay.

People also buy Cod2 becouse of good multiplayer and not single player missions - that is just a bunus.

In multiplayer I play on dx 7 just to have high fps but I still can't comlain that the graphic's are bad.
I absolutly love this game on the 360 and and big red one is okish but if anyone wants to face me on the xbox my name is king kratos XXX ill play anytime.
CoD2 is a good game but im geting a bit tierd of all thes ww2 games its geting a bit boring id like to se a ww2 game fromthe germens perspectiv and not like thayr evil even if some of the stuff ther *leader* did whas damn evil i still belive the soldiers just did ther jobb just like the britts and amaricans did

a move donr that why int a bad idea
Ziemas wrote:
I'd rather like CoD 1, than CoD 2.
I liked the British missions from CoD 1, but I find the single player missions in CoD 2 to be a mix of the three campaigns from CoD 1. (e.g. the second (first?) mission of CoD 2 is like the jeep mission from CoD 1).
i love COD2. awesome game! graphics are great, gameplay is faced paced and fun, gameplay is realistic. almost beat i. twomore missions. then i'm going multiplayer full-time. got nothing better to do. except play Hao and Halo 2
cod2 is a good game

but i played MP for over 6 monds and its getting start to boring me

the levels in MP are almost the same then @ cod1 (i played that for over 1 jear)

I play medal of honor again after some years. Like it in multiplayer.
Is it worthwhile to step over to CoD1 or even 2? What happens if you compare those 2?
There was one poster who really didn't dig the game. well anyone convince me?
Still MOHAA players out there?

Cod2 is the best game ever
Yes COD2 is the best game but COD2 don't hard.
cod2 has an awesome replay value (going through veteran Mad )
i bought it for the xbox360
I played CoD I and I havent tried CoD 2 yet. I already d/led it and burned into DVD but got no time for it. But from the first one I already knew this game is great (and difficult) hope i would have enough time to try second one soon.
Dj Redrum
Great game for its online mode, but i have'nt really got all that into the normal story mode yet, probably about 1/4 .
I love this game, it was so longest to finish but I want to play it again.. wow really I love it, graphics, physics, sound... really good! Cool
I liked the single player, didnt like the MP so much though Sad
For one thing you couldnt have 2 guns, not 2 and a pistol like on CoD 1 and UO.

There is no health bar, and although it is more realistic, it annoys me not knowing when im gonna die Smile

Its worth it just for single player though, the missions are fun and u get alot of allies to help you out.
i never played cod2 but just wondering is it better than call of duty or is call of duty one better? because i thought cod was the best game i eva played
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