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Liberal bias: Iraq's Unreported Historical Event

S3nd K3ys
The silence was deafening and the seats were empty. The western press was nowhere to be found. The location was Baghdad and the event was a February 10th, 2006 press conference announcing the final verification of December's election results
Since they were unable to report a "disastrous" event of this war, apparently, their budgets did not allow for attendance in Baghdad.
Several hours later, the only related news on CNN International were reports of two bombings in Iraq and the all important notice from Cindi Sheehan that she will not run for the Senate and send Diane Feinstein into retirement
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It figures. The population is only exposed to liberal media, which in turn show everything bad and nothing good all to try and make everyone hate the president.

Yes, the underhanded democratic party at its best.
S3nd K3ys
Soulfire wrote:
It figures. The population is only exposed to liberal media, which in turn show everything bad and nothing good all to try and make everyone hate the president.

Yes, the underhanded democratic party at its best.

The funny part is, I'm sure the Dems will lose again next term. Their tactics are way too blatent these days. The truth is being reported via blogs and forums like these.

Unfortunately, there are still some that refuse to see what's really going on, even when being repeatedly slapped in the face with little tid-bits of reality like this.

Then there are those that simply ignore any/everything good, because they are programmed to do such.
The other issue is credibility...... What if the president did blatantly break the law, or our gon't did do something insane? The press reported that allready one or twice a month for the past couple years.

Anyone have any idea what turkey the dems ar fatening up for next term? Clinton??????????? Shocked Shocked Shocked
So the evil, infidel democrats told all the western media not to report on this historical event because it doesn't serve their diabolical agenda? Please! i don't think they have that much power.

And what about your precious Fox News (Balanced and god-knows-what-else they say they are), where were they when this monumental announcement was being made? We all know they are definitely not liberal so why didn't they have Sean Hannity posted outside ready interview Talibani, and ask him about the assured path to peace and freedom as result of this announcement? they didn't because they don't give a hamster's rear end, like everyone else.

The media probably figured the elections were weeks ago and we pretty much know that the Shiite's got most of the seats. So they asked themselves if most people want to know the exact percentage of the shiite majority and who is the member of parliament for South East Basra? Probably not. So they reported on the burning the embassies instead.

Honestly i can't believe that people are still going on about a liberal bias in the media, when you have nut cases like Limbaugh and O'Reilly and William Kristol influencing millions daily and making millions at it. Give me a liberal equivalent to any of any of these guys. Who is the liberal Rush "pill-poppers-unite!" Limbaugh? Al Franken. Please!!

The media is not liberal. If it was, why didn't it really pull together and make sure Kerry won? Why didn't it ignore the whole swift-boat-ad fiasco and ask continue asking where bush was during his vacation, oops i mean tour of duty with the air national guard. They didn't because they are not out to serve the interests of one bracket of the political spectrum. Unlike Fox of course!

People are so friggin extreme. The liberals blame bush for everything, even for getting dumped today, and conservatives blame the "liberal media" for everything, especially for getting dumped today!
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