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Help: I can not change background of laptop. XP(Sp2)

It's so strange that under the desktop tab, the background list is disable. I can only change the color. The "browser" and "position" button are also disable.

I can use acdsee to set the background image and the operation reported to be successful, but in fact, the desktop still only one color. When I start the windows, before login the system, I can see the picture I set, then it changed to mono color.

I have searched in the help of windows, but nothing can help.

What's the problem?
That sounds a bit odd.. Try reinstalling the drivers for your video card. and see if that works. And also make sure watever you are trying to change the background to make sure that file exists. If that doesn't solve the problem...there's always the format option... that usually fixes most of my problems Razz
Its probably those graphic gard drivers. Or of it doesn't work, try installing mainboard drivers again... if you still have them Smile. Can you change resolution or what is the maximum amount of colors you can have?
This sounds like there may be some policy enforced on the system. Is this a laptop that is normally connected to a server at work? If so, I think your IT guys have disabled your wallpapers! If no, give us some more info on the laptop.
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I think the suggestion of the function being disabled as it was on a network seems logical.

I found at work this to be the case but got around it by using FireFox or IE should work. Select any graphic on the web etc right mouse click select Set as wallpaper.

I just used the laptop at home and except I cannot set the desktop with background image, everything works well.

My display and vedio adapter support 32bit color and 1600X1050 resolution. Maybe it is because some policy changed by some software. I highly suspect the microsoft antispyware, because it has the ability to keep the system unchanged to avoid the spy software attack.

But I found even I shutdown this softwre, the item of background setting is still disable. Maybe it has changed the registry table. Ha, it is not still not sure. The reason why I suspect it is that when the windows start, I can see the bacground image first and usually when microsoft antispyware starts, the destop then changes to mono color. After this , therefore becuase of this, it is a classic logic fallacy, but it gives you clues to suspect.

I will go on to find what leads to such odd things.
I think the solution is very simple - go to the Desktop properties (or whatever) and turn off (remove the tick) from a line like Enable active content on desktop. This way you will be able to change the wallpaper - also you will gain some speed.
I have seen this done on some old desktops. The ability to change the background is simply removed. If you own the laptop, format and re-install.
I believe that there is some control sign in the registry table which is responsible for my problem.

It's weird. I have never seen this before. Also, I goolged a lot and cannot find the answer.
Ok, one other thing to try: in Windows Explorer, go to Tools, and Folder options. Select things like Use classic Windows desktop and Do not allow active content on desktop and other similar options. If that won't help, I am out of ideas. Rolling Eyes
Try going to a website that has a nice large picture or wallpaper. Then right-side click on the picture and click "set as desktop" Try this and see what happens. You could make a new user account and see what happens.

Good Luck.
Try creating a new user with administrator rights. See if with that user the problem is solved. Then copy the files of the bad user to the good one and clean that bad user.
Perhaps Internet was responsible for that problem. Some software might be cutting that possibility. You may see what applications and procedures are running by doing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Try closing some (don't do that with svchost.exe) and see if the problem issolved.
You may also try to shutdown some services (don't shut down remote procedure call).
You may also try to recover windows to a previous saved configuration.
i had that problam. It was a spyware thing
I got a a friend who is a IT guy and he used somthing to do with regedit
but i can't remmember what he did
Is a regtry entry
Click on start, then run, type in regedit and click OK. Click on edit then search. Type in desktop wallpaper hit enter.

Apply will be highlighted in the left column. Right click on apply go down to permissions and left click. Make sure all the click boxes except restricted allow full permissions. Then in the right panel make sure all values in this pane are set to 1 except default. Default should say value not set.

If not double click on the icons of values that are wrong and type the new values in. If there is any value in the box for default, clear the box then hit ok. If any of the other values are anything other than 1 type 1 into the value box and click OK.

Always create a restore point before editing the registry. If you haven't used system restore, you will find it by hitting start, all programs, accessories, system tools then system restore and follow the directions.

The main problem here is service pack 2. You can't uninstall it and have things go back to normal either. It really screws up your registry settings.

I'm told that if you log on to windows in safe mode as the administrator and go to the control panel, you can change the adminitrative settings to do the same thing. I haven't taken the time to learn how to do this. I was told it's easier then editing the registry. Maybe I'll learn to do this if I decide to replace windows XP with the new MS Vista operating system.

I hope this helps
hhmm thats really odd, its like the least likely thing to happen on a pc Smile, sounds like an admin has got it disabled, in that case format the pc Very Happy, or put up with the same boring background until u dont want the laptop anymore Cool
Ever hear of ADS (Alternate Data Streams)? They are embedded functions in otherwise 'harmless' files such as pictures etc. They add chunks of data that is not reported by Windows Explorer. I saw a .pif file that was supposed to be 1Kb in size but was actually 1Mb in size and had 500+ ADS embedded!

Get a copy of Hijack This from the net and go to the config screen and run the ADS spy there. By default it checks your windows folder, but you can expand to check the entire hard drive if needed.

It maybe that your desktop image is so infected and the setting in the registry is disabled by the virus. The setting is here HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ActiveDesktop

Set to 0 is default (allows changes)
Finally I decided to reinstall my XP. It must be some software changed some system configuration secrectly (or I missed the alert when it noticed me). I have used the "set as destop" way to set the picture and I could see this had worked, but when the window started, the picture only showed for 10 seconds, and then was changed by mono color desktop.

Now everything is OK after I reinstalled the operation system. This is not a smart way but works well most times. Maybe sometimes the fact that we solved the question but do not know the anwer and cause is also a part of the life.

Thanks all the friends who have concerns with my question.

Sorry you had to go to all that trouble. These settings are all available in the system registry. It is normal for computers which are connected to a network to have these settngs disabled by the group policy in order to stop lusers from installing screensavers or other desktop images etc. that may either be infected or be offensive etc.

My post above was directed at some other force at work (seeing as you were not connected to a network) preventing you from changing the image for other more sinister reasons.

Heads up to the rest of you though, ADS streams do exist and I have seen many of them 'in the wild'. They only affect XP or 2000 boxes, and A/V proggies do not scan for them even if you set the A/V to scan images.
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