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Rang De Basanti - Hindi Movie

Rang De Basanti

There was this movie I saw on Wednesday in the last show of 09:30 to 12:30 AM. This is a Hindi movie based on the youth of India in relation with the martyrs of Indian freedom. It was full of fun in the first half, truly real laughter I got watching those mischief the four main characters of the movie including Aamir Khan were doing. At the same time I felt the strong bond of friendship between four of them.

No, I’m not writing a review of this movie but am sharing my feelings after watching this outstanding movie. The movies gives the message to youth of India as how to proceed further and clean the country which is messed up by the god damn greedy politicians who think nothing but how to increase their bank balance, no matter even their thinking may be against the development of country. All they do is give the lie speeches full of damn ornamental words for the welfare of country but what the fact is totally different from what they are saying. Everyday there is a scandal I read in newspaper about a politician, mentioning that he was a corrupted one and gathered some crores of rupees!! Nothing less than crores ever in any scandal. What the damn are they going to do with those crores and crores of rupees when there are thousands, no not thousands but lacks of people in India dying due to hunger, poverty, diseases? But as they say that politicians are made of very fat skin. It doesn’t affect their mind if they see a poor man dying (yeah, literary dying) in front of their eyes. All what they do is say a few words of sympathies like “May God give peace to his soul”. Damn them. Why don’t they do the work of God of saving them instead of letting them die? But as they know that the public is most interested in their own issues, they wouldn’t worry about their behaviors. They keep on making large scandals, of all kinds starting with Money to Sex and somehow if someone files a case against them, the case goes on dates and dates for years (yes, FOR YEARS) and when they are found guilty, they would have reached around the age of 80 and about to die. This is the Indian way of governing. Everybody just talks about (yeah, just like me) but does nothing and neither do I. I’m not saying that I’m having wings by my side or I’m doing something good for the society and mankind but why everything turns out to be selfishness? I guess, it’s because that If I think that ok let me not have bribe, then there would be someone else to accept that bribe so what I think is ok let me have it as if I don’t take it, it will go somewhere else then why not me? And this kind of weak thoughts chain goes on and on and ultimately making the nation weak.

People are saying that India is progressing. I guess these people are just observing the Share Market figures and nothing else. May I ask them to observe India with another vision? Have they gone to tribal villages and seen the inner facilities of house? For the tribal children, they can not dream of Milk. You know why? Because they have never seen Milk in reality. If we have seen a car in reality then we can have a dream of it but what if we never saw a car? Going further, if we calculate the price of all the things in a house (not a house actually) of a tribal village, it won’t be more than Rs. 100/- (US$ 2). They are dying by the diseased water. They have to drink the muddy water. They have not more than two pairs of clothes and that to very dirty and torn apart. And these kinds of situations can kill you hearts. Imagine yourself living in such a condition for a week where you wouldn’t get fresh water to drink ( no question of bath), no enough and hygiene food, severe hotness, those biting mosquitoes… Just imagine for a moment and then give your affirmation about “India is progressing”. India is progressing in a dilemma. Rich people are being richer and richer and poor are being poorer. It’s like controversy.

What if all politicians stop taking bribe? Then India will start really developing. Because those bribe is in sum of crores with which we can empower the weaker side of the society.

And about me, what I can do as an Indian citizen in this situation? I have got the vision after watching the movie “Rang De Basanti” and I’m gonna follow my heart in doing so. I recommend everyone to watch this movie as early as possible. These kinds of movie come once in a 10 year of time.

Your time starts now, go and grab the ticket.
i saw this couple of weeks ago with some of my friends, no doubt this is an awesome movie i like the acting of Amir Khan and the way all of them grow up from praty freakys to real man who have the guts to change the way of a sure inspires me...

Rang de Basanti has been declared a super hit.

It has now become the 2nd most watchable movie in India in terms of revenue.(Figures are for INDIA only).

It has also surpassed K3G, etc.

Everything about the movie is perfect.

Did you know that the scene in which Aamir is riding a bike(After the classroom scene) and they are going to a Dhaba was shot in Broad Daylight.

Yes, it was actually shot in broad daylight and it has been changed to night through Special Effects.

More facts I will post Soon.
Well, RDB is a well directed movie, supported by a brilliant cast.

RDB is technically excellent! It has got a brilliant cast & crew, great direction, good camera, excellent music and picturisation etc etc.

But I would not agree with ideology of the movie.
This movie was also screened in a private cinema in Karachi, Pakistan.
too bad i couldnt see it because the tickets were all sold out Mad
i've heard a lot about the movie and everyone seems to be raving about it.. i dont watch indian movies much but i definately will pick this one up on DVD.. any idea when is it gonna be released on DVD???
The dvd has been released already.
This movie is super hit, havent watched it yet. But I can anytime I want, because I have some links to watching it online.

Well atr least Amir Khan got a super hit, after Mangal Pandey didnt do good.
It's hard to reach non-English movies easily. sharing on the net is the easiest solution of course but not enough people seed it on torrent trackers that's why I have not been able to reach it yet.
Try various Sites from where u can download Indian Movies and watch it.

And then if u like it, BUY IT.


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