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ahh i hate reading

Crying or Very sad can anyone recommend a book that will help me like reading.... thanksss

ps:like a novel.
Like what are you interested in?
ggreiner9 wrote:
Crying or Very sad can anyone recommend a book that will help me like reading.... thanksss

ps:like a novel.

Your doomed, there's no saving you!
Like Blaster said it really depends on what you are into... you can go to the different genre things on this bored or any other that you are part of and probably click around... see what people say their favorite authors/ books and check them out... if its not for you try something else... bigest thing is probably to read everything, and go back to books you used to not like and try them again down the road... you might understand them better or maybe just be more interested... its happened to me all the time.

point is look around.. I don't recomend the "classics" unless you are really into them because they can sometimes be a bit of a bore getting into... but then again that could be any book
Read short stories by H.G. Wells.
If you are into Pete Rose then maybe something like My Prison Without Bars was a good one. I also liked Holes. Easist book i have ever read.
If you want an easy read with good follow ups and a large fan base try the Harry Potter books. (good start for reading as a part of pop culture)

After that try someone like David Eddings or Terry Goodkind who are great authors for an introduction to science fiction and write intriguing and enveloping yet easily readable books, if you don't read a lot Goodkind will probably get you absorbed for a good year.

Good luck.
You can try Harry Potter, if you really hate reading, try to read Roald Dahl, his short stories are pretty scary and have a great suspens. Or you can read his child books, there are good too.
I need to read a book this weekened..
Pyro Man
Yes even though it might sound lame try the Harry Potter series first. My brother hasn't read for years and years and he started reading the Harry Potter series the whole way through, really got him back into reading.
I despise having to read a book for school, basically being forced to read. However, if I choose to read a book on my own, then that probably means that I like it.
Read "Pawn of Prophecy" by David Eddings. It's loaded with enough literary crack to suck you in such that you will never come back out lol. It's a classic tale, and it is VERY funny. Trust me, you'll love i!
try short stories by O Henry or Asimov ...or if you want the longer book..Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell...lovely ones..Smile
If you really want a novel then i cant recommend anythin... novels have allways been to short for me, takes like a half hour to read... no bug plots and such cool stuf... no excitement... you can mostly know the whole novel by reading the first page... I would recommend "The Praxis by Walter Jon Williams" Its Schience Fiction and the best i ever read... there are two follow ups, and i havent read them because they can not be bougth in Denmark. So i gotta go to England again some time soon...
I would recommend you to read Roald Dahl. He wrote plenty novels and short stories, you will find whatever you like. Horror, suspens, child moral, cute sotries...It's really lovely.
Or you can try Harry potter, I don't really like it, but by reading one book, you will want to read the others.
And try also Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, it's really easy to read, there is action, suspens and you will learn a lot of thing. But be careful because in it there is also a lot of wrong facts.
Maybe you can read Stephen King. I have a book of him, and it contains short-stories. There are different genres in it: realistic horror stories, science-fiction, fantasy,... But in the end it's all horror! Stephen King doesn't use difficult words (at least not in the book I've read), and it's quite thrilling.
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