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do you need an ORKUT invitation ? (Google Supported)

dear users

ORKUT is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends.
Orkut is committed to providing an online meeting place where people can socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests.

if you wish to join ORKUT,please send me e-mail (PM) to get your free invitation

please visit to obtain much more information

Google Service
Isn't orkut a bit like MySpace or something like that?

Well, I don't think it is very, uhm... appropriate to give out invitations to something like that. The point of orkut, I believe, is for everyone to be in some way connected to the creator.
this looks like friendster.. dun tink i will b niding it though.. a bit scary Google is trying to take over the Internet.. What if one day Google collapsed? a lot of our data n important stuff will be gone.. guess it is wiser to 'diversify risk' by using services from different companies.. Micro$oft isn't tht bad.. Smile
i need a gmail invitation please Smile
i lost my gmail account by mail hacker Sad
you can send invite to or
after i got the email then i would like an orkut account Smile
please help me...
thiamshui wrote:
Micro$oft isn't tht bad.. Smile

Lies!!! Ahem. But you are right, we should not rely heavily on Google or any one company for anything. That, actually, is why Micro$oft is so evil. I think it was something like 3/5 of computers have a Micro$oft operating system of them? Not sure about that though, but still, it becomes increasingly obvious with every release of a piece of proprietary software that Windows is the #1 OS by a lot. Seeing as it is also in most ways the worst OS, this is a very bad situation for the computer world.

Ya know what? I've decided to sum up everything ever talked about anywhere.

Holy crap, humanity is screwed up.

Now how on earth did I end up there because someone asked me if I wanted an ORKUT invite?
i got a bunch of gmail invites if any1 wants 1 just pm me ill send u an invite as soon as i can i have all 100 of mine left
remember to include the email address u want the invite sent to

i have never used ORKUT and not exactly sure what it is
Orkut's nothing but a fake imitation of MySpace.
orkut is shit...... myspace is better Laughing
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