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cell phones

Hello everyone... today was going to buy a new cellphone, new serivce etc. but the tracphone and stuff sucks 10 a minute c'mon thats complete bull
so i was looking at ones with a contract... much better
but whats a good service I should try?
I text and talk ALOT and use the web alot lol
what would be the best serice for me?
i have used cingular it was okay... dropped calls though
If you live in the us verizon is the best service. There commericals are true. Fewer droped calls. If you txt your friends with verizon they have unlimited in texting for like 5 dollars plus 50 out of service txting. As for the web i don't know. I never went on it with my phone. I say get a verizon you won't regreat it.
I've had no problems with Alltell
hmmm only thing my exact location in the US dosn't have Verozon =(
Alltel sounds good
Cingular is too high and drops calls easily
thanks for the replies you guys
CB radio is the best.
Go with altel there is no better.
ocalhoun wrote:
CB radio is the best.


Personally, I'd have to go with Verizon. Too bad it doesn't cover your area. I would look in to alltell if I were you.
2000 Man
I have a friend with Sprint and I've been using his phone A LOT lately and it seems to be very good service. Text message-wise most companies offer the unlimited texting for $5 you're pretty good there.

All I can tell you for sure is DO NOT go with Cellular One (I don't know if you have them close to you)...but avoid them like the PLAGUE. Easily the WORST CELL PHONE COMPANY EVER.
I have T-Mobile, my dad used to have Verizon Wireless but he switched over. He was on a contract with Verizon for a few years and he had a rough time going through it. He got charged up the wazoo for roaming (when you're going around away from your local area), he was getting calls dropped from bad reception, and he got stuck in a trap when he was offered a free phone (a replacement) but it was a misleading trap to get him to upgrade his contract as well. He had an argument with the people who sold him his Verizon contract and it lasted for quite awhile, until he gave up on it and switched companies when he was shopping for cellphones for him, my sister, and I. He was pushing about 1,000 minutes a month and went over a couple of times, where (again) he got charged up the wazoo on using more minutes than he was allotted to use. He didn't have free nights and weekends either.

He chose T-Mobile as his wife was on it, where you get free in-the-network calling (similar to Verizon's "In" Network), free nights and weekends, an expandable or collapsable contract, and several other cool things about it. The reception has been mostly good for us and we're happy with what he chose. We signed up for a contract with 2,000 minutes for all three of us to use, and we were pushing about 1,000 minutes at the end of the month. We're probably using less as we have the free in-the-network calling, where my dad would call my house all the time and talk for quite a long time. Supposidly, text messaging is about $5.00 additional a month on each phone, but we don't have that set up on either of our phones. I mean, if you have a cellphone, just flip it open and call them. I know someone that was text messaging their friend all throughout the day and wound up sending about $100.00 worth of messages over them (it was some other wireless company, don't know which, but that's just insane). Shocked

My co-worker has U.S. Cellular, and he says that he doesn't like them as his cellphone easily goes on roaming or loses reception when he puts his phone in his jean pocket. Don't know that much about them, but that's what he says.

Not to say that anything's bad about any of the cellphone companies out there, I'm only stating on what I've heard and experienced from people.

- Mike.
AT&T is working quite well for me...but I have a slighly unfair advantage....I work for them and I get my phone service/minutes for free Cool
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