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I got one of those Webpage Design programs....

I downloaded a webpage design templates, and its still kinda hard.........
Better than making it the other way by wrtiting it all in http form though, thats too much to write..
How'd you guys get started doing webpages?
Well i dabbled in the webpage designers but i didnt like them. My pages showed up different in different browsers and differedn screen resulations. I learned html and used tables, an aspect of html, to design my first sites. but now i use css to design the layout and still do the html coding for the page. Truethfully if you learn it you will be happy you did. And also when you learn it, it is fairly easy to code a page and it goes by quickly.
I read a book about HTML that was like, 10 years old. Cool
Google is your friend.
I made my first real site by downloading a template and editing it by looking at tutorials, and just figuring stuff out. I have a bit of programming background, so it wasn't too hard to begin learning PHP. I also have taken an interest into SHTML and DHTML for loading things dynamically into my site.

Right now I'm just surfing around for HTML/PHP tutorials so I can learn more about the two languages and how they can interact.
A good site I've recently found for PHP is:

College course. I tried reading a few tutorials with no luck. I took a course learning macromedia studio mx (dreamweaver, fireworks, flash) It got me a basic understanding of things. I think it was a good foundation, as I'm learning more advanced aspects of it by web tutorials and books. Some people can just learn by html tutorials and creating beautiful pages in a text editor, I am not one of them.
If you do a search in any search engine for "how to make a web page" you'll come up with a truckload of free information. That's how I got started. Opened up notepad, plunked in some rudimentary HTML code, saved it as an .htm file and fired up the file in Internet Explorer to see the results. Did some more editing, reloaded IE, more editing, more surfing on the net... A couple of weeks later, I signed up with a free web host and launched a 4 page site worked up entirely from scratch. Never looked back. That was 5 years ago.
google really is your friend!
i just went around the web and just viewed the source codes of interesting sites and *ahem* borrowed and elaborated on them, trial and error till i got what i wanted. when i first got access to an FTP server i just messed around until i got it right. if i ever got
I learned from a combination of following one really excellent tutorial, using one really good reference site, and checking out the CSS and HTML code of sites I liked. I really recommend both those two sites, the tutorial really teaches you a lot and the reference site is quite good for looking up tags or codes in a hurry.
I started from the absolute bottom! Angelfire! aaahhhjhh!!!!! Ahh, okay its not the absolute bottom, but its one of the easiest ones out there... From there I went to frontpage, and I looked at the code view alot to see what was being crated with what I did, then I went to using photoshop and notepad, (Photoshop with the slice tool to make tabled layouts) then I got to where I am now, purely using notepad, with photoshop to make an image here and there..
HTML would be an advantage to learn first and than CSS for the design and bigger control of layout.
Code of Ruin
I started with Geocities sitebuilder when I was about 14. Then after 2 month I got bored and started to learn html. Then I lost interest for a while and now I just started to use html again and by now I have learned DHTML and some PHP.
When I was 9 my brother taught me some basic HTML. He's like 8 years older than me.
My first sites were just ugly.

I got inspiration from some sites, and searched around for tutorials.
I'm 13 years old now.
I would like to learn PHP, but I don't have time. Well, I have a quite good-looking page now.
I started by reading the tutorials at Then I found That's a great place for downloading CSS templates. I looked at how those templates were done & just went on from there.
I've just started learning Java so I can add a bit of flashy nonsense to my pages.
I learned how to design websites when i was in college. i just would go into illustrator or photoshop and layout a cool layout that i ultimately would then take into a graphics program and make slices. Then i would just output the html and images and just slap it up on the web.

Then I got more matured in my skills and i learned javascript and now css. I design totally in xhtml and css. I only use tables if i need to create a price list or a photo holder for say an image gallery. the new future of the web is xhtml and css and you should learn both now so you can be ahead of the game!
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