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Outlook Express crashing when deleting email....


i was asked to look at friends laptop this morning after they started having problems

the problem is wen they try to delete mail in outlook express the program crashes, n have to use ctrl alt delete n end task etc

the program crashes wen u delete a single or a group emails from any folder including the delete items folder....

no i have fould a lil way around this... i created a new folder called bin, dragged all the emails they didnt want into that folder (from the in box) then deleted that folder, that folder then went to the deleted items section were i deleted it again thus fully removing it..

this works great! but still its a hassle, and they still have emails in the deleted items folder which i cant move or delete... as it'll crash!

any ideas how to sort this? theyve run avg n ad-ware se etc all the usual stuff, ive tried takin off the preview pane then deleting but still crashed

so for now any new mail that comes they have to drag into tempory folder then delete that folder then delete it again to remove stuff!

oh.. and they cant add any software as i already suggested alternatives so.. can this be fixed?

i was gonna try removing it and re-installing but from the installed ompants description im sure it send adds/removes shortcut link in start menu.. not remove the program - correct me if im wrong

thank u!!!

p.s. sure i can sling some fri$$ to the post that rectifies the prob as a sepcial thanks lol! Wink
This is probably a problem with folder compaction - if your friend has been using Outlook Express for a long time, tell them to go to FILE -> COMPACT FOLDERS (or similar - sorry, I don't use Outlook Express). That should hopefully fix the problem.

If it doesn't, what to do is export all the emails in the person's folders to .eml files, close Outlook and then delete "inbox.dbx" from the Outlook Express folder in "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{****}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\". Then, when you open Outlook Express again, the folders will be recreated. You can then drag all the .eml files into the Outlook Express main window and that will repopulate the inbox with all the old mail.

Let me know if neither of these work, but they should hopefully fix your problem.

Very Happy
just been trooling through the net and been reading alot about corrupt .dbx's etc

thank u very much for such a quick n helpful response... i shall let u know asap if it solves the prob!

thanks again!
extract dbx can repair dbx files after various issues such as power failures, viruses. It works with big dbx files on all popular Windows OS. The application can view restored dbx files from any version of Outlook Express. It has intuitive and clear interface for any experienced users.
Hi! The only way to recover outlook express emails after compacting is use specialised software like a this outlook espress recovery software.
You could also upgrade this person to a 3rd party mail program that is worth a damn, like Thunderbird. Free, and it'll easily import the mail and account settings into it. I realize that is not a "fix" - in fact, I think the poster above may have nailed it talking about folder compaction, but I'd recommend Thunderbird over a product that is no longer receiving updates or development.
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