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Indian research centre claims drug to cure HIV

Mumbai, February 12: A Nanded-based research centre has claimed that it has transformed at least 200 cases of HIV positive to HIV negative in the last three years using a patented drug ‘HIV-SJ’.

Director of Siddharth Research Centre cum Hospital, Dr Siddharth M Jondhale told PTI that the drug made out of three herbs he used was patented in India, Europe and some other countries.

He has been using the drug on HIV positive patients, including almost terminal aids patients, for the last three years.

"The results are very encouraging with several patients showed gradual improvement in their health subjectively as well as clinically," he said, adding there were around 4,000 patients under treatment in the institute
Clinically, Jondhale claimed, the HIV-SJ medicine has shown to increase the cd-4 count, regenerate cd-4 cell, destroy the HIV-RNA (ribonucleic acid) and create the new RNA.

Test results of various clinical labs including SRL Ranbaxy clinical reference laboratories, Mumbai and National AIDS Research Institute Pune supported his claim, he said.

The herbal drug also destroys antigens gp-160, gp-120, P-66,P-55, P-51, GP 41, P-31, P-24 And P-17, he said.

SRL Ranbaxy (which is one of the main clinics in which the patients do their testing before, during and after treatment), when contacted for its comments on the tests done by them, its spokesperson Harsha Sajnani said they did comparative tests "only when there is a request from patients' families which is very rare as they do consultation with their doctors."

Jondhale said he had made a scientific presentation on the AIDS treatment at the international conference in Brazil organised by the International AIDS Society six months ago.

He has also submitted his paper to British medical journal Lancet which is yet to accept it.

He has also sent the papers to British Journal of Medicine and New England Journal of Medicine.

Asked whether he has communicated to ICMR the findings, he said he wrote a letter to President A P J Abdul Kalam who had acknowledged saying that he had forwarded his letter to ICMR, NACO as well as to World Health Organisation.

I hope this is true Smile
maclui wrote:
I hope this is true Smile

Yeah ME too , not cuz i am indian , but the fact that there will be a Cure for aids means the end of all the suffering ,and all the innocent lives will be saved in the world ,
Yes, as a scientist I was over the moon when they said that the last time, but then I found out there is no total cure for AIDS yet. Most drugs prevent the virus growing, kill the virus if it changes from genetic state to surface protein state, and some kill the unmutated virus before entering the host. HIV virus is very effective at mutating and hiding in the human genome. Yes, most human viruses insert themselves as pure DNA into the human chromosome, which is impossible to kill unless you destroy the whole chromosome in those cells. The human immune response (White blood cells) cannot kill these viruses alone, but good news is that are about 12 drugs which target each of the mechanisms I just mentioned.

Unfortunately I don't think this is a perfect cure for Aids, more likely just targets one of the above sites.
About time, we need something, anything to help. If we can stop HIV, we can stop AIDS, and although this probably isn't a 100% cure or anything, it sounds promising.
I really hope, though, that this doesn't turn up like "we cloned a human cell!" thing that came out of Korea. But seriously, go India!
I hope this is true as well, however this is a scam ladies and gents.
darknez3 wrote:
I hope this is true as well, however this is a scam ladies and gents.

it is quite clear that u dont know what ur talking about , the lab which tested this is the most reputed in india ,

Plus as some one said this wont be a 100% cure , but it will help people live with aids , which is more important
As I've just said, there are numerous ways AIDS cure's work but they're not 100% effective.

I really think this drug and the other similar drugs released are sooooo valuable in South Africa, and the rest of the global AIDS pandemic. If the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of this drug exceed the previous drugs we could see a significant increase in life expectancy in these countries as happened in Japan when vaccines doubled the male life expectancy in the 1950's.

Good work, keep up the research, maybe I'll be helping out with AIDS research myself in the future.
This is good news, once HIV is cured in humans, we can cure the apes that some how passed the STD to humans.
This drug approval is very big deal,because there are many drugs in the market produced unless they find huge benefits they would not approve it that's how drug industry works internationally especially USA.
I think another huge part of it is the distribution problem. Even if there is an effective treatment for it, it is hard to get the people who need it the most the treatment. Like in Africa where there are lots of widespread AIDS cases, they may not have the infrastructure and doctors and other logistics that might be required to get these people the drugs and whatnot they need.
Sir can you please tell me the Address of Siddharth Research Centre cum Hospital in Mumbai
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