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Operating System - Task bar flickers on and off

A wierd one I got on my hands: my girlfriend's computer has a problem of the taskbar periodically flickering on and off. I ran hi-jack this and ran it through took care of one minor problem, went into msconfig removed some unnecessary startup-items, ran an anti-virus check and anti-spyware check. And I thought I took care of it, but it still does it.

It runs an Nvidia videocard, and XP, also we obtained recent videocard drivers, and made sure the nView is not running. Any help would be cool, maybe someone has bumped into this.
Is it possible that you might have Auto-Hide turned on ? You can check by right clicking on an open area on the taskbar and choosing properties. On the first screen you see, uncheck "Auto-Hide Taskbar" if it is chosen. That's the only thing that I can think of other than searching for updated video card drivers.

I remember that I had an ATI video card that wasn't compatable with Windows XP 100%, when I would play a 3D game (like my favorite, Labyrinth Plus! Edition), some of the objects in the game didn't work right. When the latest driver for it came out, the card acted just fine after I did the update.

Hope you can figure out the problem with it.

- Mike.
I think you should check the refresh rate settings of your monitor...
If that doesn't help then , you can try system restore, and restore the system to the state when it was working fine...

Abhinav Shah
hmm... i had the same kind of issue last time i had a ram chip getting ready to go to the afterlife... you have any other ram you can swap into that computer to test it with?
Hmm, very interesting, and logical. I'll get right on that, I'll check the refresh rates and the ram. I previously checked autohide and videodrivers and such.
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