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Help Needed

Which is better?
Sim and Sim 1
 33%  [ 2 ]
Sim and Sim 2
 50%  [ 3 ]
I hate them both, but I'll make you a layout because I'm a really nice person
 16%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 6

Hi, could you tell me if you like and of these:

Sim and Sim 1:

Sim and Sim 2:

The second one is obviously better, but it takes alot longer to load. Also, both of your designs are totally messed up when viewed at 800x600 screen resolution. You may want to put your tables, or div's or whatever you're using for a layout into relative percentages - that way, your layout will be more "fluid".

Hope this has helped.
I see.... any tips on how to do this?
... Save the images at a smaller file size? Decrease the quality of the images.
No I mean the size thing....
Well, I can't help you with the div tags as I'll probably mess you up. I'm more of a graphic designer than a developer. I can help you with the look/feel/usage of your website.

I voted for the first design, but there are elements of both that I really like. The reason I picked the first is because it is easier to navigate. Your options are up top in the menu bar where you'd expect them to be. On the #2, they are very small text links in the upper left that I could barely read due to color contrast. Still where I'd expect them, but they are so small that I had to think about whether those were the main links or not.

One thing I liked about the first website is that the banner went all the way across the top. In #2, it didn't. Although I love the banner, I'd almost like it to be shorter to allow more room underneath for your homepage and reduce scrolling (a no-no in my book for homepages anyway). I did however, like the way you have separation in this #2 layout. the grey boxes look good there. I am getting a "server error in '/' Appllication." error message.

On both pages, I'd like to see more "real content." #2 begins this process, but I'd like to see more of that. It also looks like you have full reviews of movies down towards the bottom of the page. Maybe if you put a little bit of it as a teaser and then had a link to the full story, that would be best. Also, in the interior pages directly accessible from the home page, they are basically indexes to more real content. However, I don't have anything there to entice me to go deeper into the site. Again, providing a little bit about what each option gives you would be good. For example, your galleries could display an image from one each gallery.

Things I like about your site are that it seems to have a lot of facets like a blog, a forum, galleries, and tutorials. I also really like the banner.

Hope this helps some! I look forward to seeing your finished product.
I like that you like it, but the content on the front page is just tempoary, it will say what it says on the front page of the real website. It would help a lot if you or anyone could post some colours to use, I'm no real designer, I'm more of a developer in PHP. I have another page here for the new one, its of all my users:

I noticed that this site don't work. Confused
O right ya sorry, I changed the site over to the new one, so its just

But if anyone out there would like to make me a loyout, I'm still up for it
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