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What keeps you motivated?

Well ive not worked on my site in a long time (after i switched to a new CMS i just kinda gave up)

i just dont have any real motivation to get banners / content made and get it up and running

(started working full time so less time for fun stuff)

just here to ask all you frihost users ..

what keeps you motivated to work on your site?

cause i could realy do with some tips to get back into using my time to get my little place on the web finished.
dunno just enjoy making sites

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i know it might seem like a weird question, its just i always used to spend hours / days working on my site / planning content etc.

just seem to have lost the ability to do that.. maybe a re-design or changing what i want to have on it would help :/
The love of my fiancee, all the time I see my family, and my faith in God. All these things make me more motivated and confident everyday, every second of my life.
Bordem was the main reason I set up a site, and I love graphics and flash, though since moving to linux AMD 64, it's hard can't work on flash, (Not 64 bit) and I'm not used to Gimp, so I will need to get the hang of linux before I set my site up again.
Crying or Very sad
My main motivator is lack of good (read= sites I enjoy and which I really do think have something to offer for me) sites. I believe, that there are some other people in this binaryspace, that like same things that I do, but I just have to find them.

It's also very motivating to hear, that users of my site appreciate my efforts. I don't have my own site right now, but after few messages, I hope to get one Very Happy. I did have two sites couple of years ago, but I didn't have my own computer and opportunity (at the time) to maintain my sites, so I "gave" them up.

Hope you will find your motivation again!
The love of my fiancee, all the time I see my family, and my faith in God. All these things make me more motivated and confident everyday, every second of my life

Amen, brother.

Yeah, God keeps me motivated, and the knowledge that there are people actually visiting my site waiting for updates. And also since it includes content which i absolutely love doing, it's fun to see how the site looks with the new content.

Work keeps me going most of the time, but I find that just about anything can occupy me at given times. I am still going to school part-time for another degree and the actual act of studying does fill my time, it doesn't really stimulate me as I would like it to....maybe I am just getting bored with my given field Sad

Family life, for the most part, is what truly stimulates me.
The fact that I become better and better.
not sure wat keeps me motivated.... i do have times were i get so close to finishing but then seem to go off it.... maybe because i dnt want the project to ever finish?? lol!!

9 times out of 10 i saty up all night n day until i get to points were i can stop... like if i run into a problem i literally dnt sleep till its sorted as it'll bug me no end to the point i think about it in me sleep n wont sleep properly....

how sad! Confused
I like to see my progress during the time.
I love the blog style because I can go back and kind of see virtual photograpy of myself, my emotions, my feeling at a certain time. Razz

I have learned that when you feel like giving up with your website, you should keep adding something at least every week, even something really small... but if you lose contact and start waiting months between updates you will lose all you motivation soon. Rolling Eyes
I wish I had some motivation. I really like the idea of having a site, but I've got so many different plans for one I just don't know what to choose... Crying or Very sad
I'm just not interested in using the 250MB webspace coz it's just a waste of time setting up a website that few people will see and that I'll probably get bored of sooner or later. Plus I don't have time now that I'm grown up and workin. If I was a 13-17yr old teenager living at home sweet lazy then I'd love to try it out though.
haha, i am the same. i have not updated my site for about 2 months. But i think i will do it soon, as i have a lot new photos to put there. And i don't want my friends to be disappointed.
what keeps me motivated? hmm.. if your site is nice and a lot of people like it and frequent it, then u will find the energy to update it.. a site should be creative, should not just be a 'me-too' (ie similar to other sites) and it will naturally attract ppl..
The popularity of a site is the first motivation for me. If I'm spending time on a site that is visited by two people aday... I think that I'll stop working on it.
I'm quite obcessed with becoming a horse, and my website is a central point of my efforts to do so.
It's an unusual goal, but it is very ambitious.
A motivation to learn new things and new feature. As I use CMS myself, and also making Theme Template for the same CMS. I have to keep up with all the updates that come along.
I think the opportunity of being useful to others.
Maybe the affection, love, recognition of other people.
And the economic support.
I used to go through phases of say for 4months i would be right into programming n dev of sites and services, and then i would get bored or whatever and leave it all for a month or so, and then i would be right back at it! Laughing

Currently im motivated, mainly because now im providing a service to my visitors, i feel a responsibility to keep adding features/content. Also my girlfriend (whom i co-own our internet start up with) has strict orders to keep me going and not get bored with this project and not just give up haha.
Well i am trying to learn more and more about websites. I plan to do this when i am older. Also i want to make my site a bussiness site once i get more time on my hands and a bigger fan base.
new look and show off to friend I guess
I just set myself goals to reach and thats it. So set myself goals, that are not very hard to reach and it keeps me happy. The one goal i recently achieved was making a tesla coil, i struggled a long time and with alot of methods to get it running. Now its pumping out 80kV! If i dont have a goal i can die. I need goals to motivate. Now my goal is to get my site up and running again! NJOY!
personal expression is my motivation. . *express* *express*

. .by talking, painting, crocheting, or building websites Smile etc.
the members...
The fact that I have fans who love my latest webcomic project, 30 Extra Lives. Also, because I have a whole team of people dedicated to working on another project, the long awaited continuation of Right-Click.
The sweet desire to squeeze the organs out of every infidel in this world.. joking! Euh, my site is just a blog where I publish a story from time to time, I don't push it... I think that if you want a site, you should want one because there's a desire to (you want to show the world your nice self-made pictures, stories,...), and then you'll be motivated. Just having a site to have a site won't work that well I think.
I just find it fun to "own" a little corner of your own on the internet.
Soulfire wrote:
I just find it fun to "own" a little corner of your own on the internet.

I would say that it is nice to "own" a little pieace of the web. Also just having people come to somthing that is yours. Very Happy
A few years ago I was booming with popularity on the Internet, as I used to own and operate my own web game. I updated it daily, but I've sold it due to getting sick and tired of tedious programming, so now that site is never updated. The site is called GiroPets and can be found at if anyone's interested. It hasn't been updated since I been there last. It's a bit sad in a way to see that huge work of mine being worn out like that, but I don't feel that it's worth fixing up or making another game like that as the code on that site wasn't 100% great. Many parts of it are, but several aren't that good. That's where I was learning. I was motivated to keep it new and up-to-date from the members that visited the site, several hundred people a day, many returning again and again to play it. I lost interest as I thought I was becoming a loner and thought I should get out in the "real" world more, and I did, and still do. (If anyone was wondering, I sold it and no longer own it. The person that I sold it to never updates the site).

The only thing now that I keep up-to-date on a daily basis is my journal on LiveJournal, explaining what I've done in my day lol. I do have a website, but I've not updated it in a bit as I don't have the time or the effort at the moment to keep it up-to-date. I love the programming that I done to make it what it is, but I have several key ticket items that I want to get onto it someday. My summer will open up a lot for me to do, and that's one thing I was considering. (As you might guess, I'm a student). My website is at - it's a personal website. I was planning on transferring my LiveJournal onto it after I finish the code for the blog lol, which make a long time to do.

- Mike.
How much did you get for that one website? Do you still like own it or did you actually sell it to someone? Is it still updated?
Blaster wrote:
How much did you get for that one website? Do you still like own it or did you actually sell it to someone? Is it still updated?

My one ? I sold it a couple of years ago for $500.00. I split it in half with the co-owner (who funded the site, I thought it would be fair to him), although I think I should have gotten more for it. I was just rushed on getting the thing sold, but whatever. It's all done and over with now lol.

- Mike.
If you mean what keeps me motivated to keep my website running and updated is the revenue I get from it. Its not much but just enough to see me through college. Added to my partial scholarship, it keeps me educated! Rolling Eyes
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