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This has to be the BEST game ive played in the LONGEST time...
You start as a little boy and you follow your character into old age, running around either following the storyline, or just killing people. You can own property, gain magic, or other skills(such as steal or lockpick), or even get married. It makes me think of a medieval GTA, untill the karma element was thrown in. Saving people nets you Good points, killing them nets you bad points. Be adored or hated by all, you decide. Just before you finish the game make sure you pick a wife and shower her with gifts, that might net you a little reward. Heh heh heh...

Rating: 10-10
Graphics: 10-10!
Difficulty: Easy yet anyone would enjoy it 5-5
Sound: Music is decent sound effects are alright accept for my favorite skill it gets annoying 9.5-10.
Buy, Rent,or Pass: Buy, snag however you can, i bought mine used for 5 bucks, just get your hands on it, before it becomes one of the rare gems. *cough*cronotrigger*cough*
Fable is awesome, though its kind of short. I could never get my wife in bed, which sucks =(

Very good RPG
Fable was an allright game. They cut out alot of stuff from game that would have made it much better. Still it was fun, but I agree on it being too short.
fable was... not a good game at all... The powers you use are good, it makes you feel it's real... But you dont have lots to do. I mean there's not much side quests...

But as i said, powers are good... Its the first time that my char is archer, fighter and mage Very Happy
yeah i really liked fabel but it whas to short and it missed somting and the story telling whas a bit to rigid culd have bean better lets hope fabel 2 lurnd somting from its 1st game
I finished Fable: TLC on my PC.

Wow!#!! Best graphics and the game just rock!
You can get drunk everyday, can have sex as much as you want, you have ****** horns!! and you can kill your own wife!! what can be better? life? nah!
Fable is by far the worst game ever. You can beat the hole game in a day. I would'nt call it a rpg because everything happens the same way, u can't play it more than once. whether your evil or good you dont get anything diff. the storyone is long and boring. plz dont buy this game it is a waste of money.
I played this game from start to end like 3 times, evil twice and good once, I was also a fighter, an archer/fighter, then a assasin/archer last. Best rpg ever. It gives you enough freedom to make it fun, but not too much to make you just screw around and not play the story line. It did, however, get quite easy after a while. I do not think that the game was made to be played non-stop until you beat it. Maybe you should have took some breaks, or play a different game while playing Fable.
Beat it a few months back...decent game, though I felt way to limited by it (the levels are very restricting) and it was very short. Pretty much no replay value IMO, despite the fact that you can choose to be "good or bad."
Amazing game. I loved it, though i was hoping for more. It's a shame they didn't release the entire Project Ego application. But even though it was short, it was still fun. They need some more extravaneous quests however, because beating the game as a good guy sort of limits what you can do.
I've got it on the box and it's awsome! Though, I have never finished the game Razz
Last time I played I stopped to play somewhere in the middle of the game. Dont know why really. So I actually started to play it again yesterday. And you can lead your character into so many ways like archer, thief, warrior or just mix them to be a very strong guy which uses magic. And then there is the good or evil path Cool

I kinda see it like a "more advanced" Zelda game. More small quest and so on. I can recommend it to all of you who likes those adventure/rpg games Smile
So go and rent/or buy it right now!
i finished this game twice one with good side and the other is bad.. great game
Hey guys,

Fable was great. I beat it for the PC twice as well, and I thought it was a great game. I did find it to be a little short as someone said though. I found myself to be extremely addicted to this game for a while though. I wouldn't give any other game any play time, it was straight Fable for a few weeks straight. I might grab it soon and give it a replay. I have a crapload of games on my HDD to play through right now though.

Peace guys,

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