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College - picking a major

Right now I'm having a really hard time picking a major, I want to do web design (probably like most of us here) dilema, theres no web design majors at my school-

The closest we have here are computer programming/computer science, but both those majors require insane math classes and science classes that I'd rather not be force to take.

Any suggestions? Right now I'm part time working for my school doing the universitys website, they basically I'd be an easy hire for a full time career if I had a degree...but I cant decide what to do. (my school)
Pablo Diablo
In almost every school you can't pick web design as a major, but most schools offer a 1 or 2 year cetificate program for web programming. Though a certificate is not as good as a Diploma (obviously). The I.T. field right now is so incredably congested, that even a Diploma isn't much. I doubt you'd find any good jobs, or jobs at all, with just a certificate. I'd suggest doing the Computer Programming course, get your Diploma, and then apply for web design jobs after you graduate.

I graduated 3 months ago in Software Engineering, and I've applied to about 50 - 75 jobs so far and all I've gotten is one phone interview.

Good luck.
I'd get the computer science degree hands down. I am not aware of any schools teaching up to date web design anyway.

If you really like web design all the high level math science and programing will be usefull for more advanced web solutions that we are seeing and will certainly see more of in the future.
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