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Unregistered hardware

You may have seen this post before but I didn't get the answer I wanted, and what some people mentioned I had done but it still happens.

When I open up a few programs at once, I get a blue screen saying something like DRIVE_DXEL(Not the exact letters)_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

Then I have to restart my computer, sometimes it says a peice of unregistered hardware is installed on my computer. Hopefuly someone could post a detailed guide on what caused the problem and how to fix it, I would be most greatful as this problem has been bugging me for many months and when i'm on a game in the middle of something it crashes and I have to start again! It doesn't even let me save any of my work...
Well, if you are using Windows XP, what you're experiencing is not uncommon. Seems to me that the OS crashes easily. What i will suggest is that you backup all your data, since you still have some access to the hard drive. Then just format the hard drive and re-install Windows and restore your data. That should solve it
I know im a noob but how to I store all my data and format my hard drive? (I'm new to things like this)
Sorry for this, but I would like to BUMP this forum as this problem is still on my computer and it has been un-answered as the first thing mentioned may work but my question after it hasn't yet been answered, and this thing is bugging me and I want to fix it ASAP!
Vanquish wrote:
I know im a noob but how to I store all my data and format my hard drive? (I'm new to things like this)

To store your data, you need to choose everything you want to save (your documents, saved files (eg. games or website templates), email and anything else you need, then you need to burn them all to one or more DVDs, or copy them all to an external hard disk.

Once you're sure you've backed everything up, open your CD Rom drive and put in your Windows XP CD. Close the window that opens and then restart your computer. If you're given the option, tell your computer to boot from the CD and the Windows installation will start. At one point, you will be asked where you want to install Windows. You will be given an option to use the current hard disk partition, or to format the drive. Choose the format option then continue with the installation.

It's really quite easy, but just to stress again - when you format your hard disk you will loose everything so you will need to make copies of any data you need on another media (such as a DVD or external hard disk) then copy it back across when you have reinstalled Windows. You will also have to reinstall ALL your programs, so make sure you have all your installation CDs or downloaded setup files stored on another media so that you can install them again.

Critical things include your Network / Internet connection drivers - if you are able to access the internet, you will then be able to download any setup files you don't have.

I hope this helps, but feel free to PM or email me if you want some more detailed setup instructions.
Post appreciated, thanks. I will have to ask my mam first because of all her auto-login bank details and things just incase she can't get them again or she might need to phone up to get them.
Vanquish wrote:
I will have to ask my mam first because of all her auto-login bank details and things just incase she can't get them again or she might need to phone up to get them.

You might also want to suggest that using auto-login for banking is a really, properly, seriously bad idea.
(after backing up the data) you could try reseting the bios of the computer.
That usually fixes up all my problems.
Arrow first upon up the side panel to your computer's motherboard
Arrow locate a battry near the video card and take it out
Arrow wait 20min then put the battery back in
Arrow if done right the clash between hardware and OS should be over the and the blue screen should not show up any more

If it presists i recomend reintalling the drivers that came with your computer. (usually in the form of a disk)

and if that doesn't work(actually do this first)<<<go to my computer, :right click on the C:\ drive. Go to properties. Then under tools go to error-checking. Then check both boxes. finally restart the computer and leave it alone for a good hour. I should have fixed that problem, and other problems that you didn't even know about.

anyways good luck Wink
I forgot to tell u guys, if u need more help,(if i didn't help out) is another forum that specializes in specific computer needs. I'm a senior member there Very Happy sn(xcheifx) email( feel free to ask questions, i'd be happy to post stuff for you on techsupportguy.
Ok, I have schedueled the error-checking for tommorow when I log on my computer, anyway that's me out for the night. Cya! Smile
Hey, I think I had that same problem with my pc once. I reďnstalled my OS for a couple of times and installed the latest drivers and so on. It all didnt work. I thought it might be my Harddisk. But also that wasnt the problem. I've had that problem since I bought new RAM. All my 3 slots were taken with 256,256 and 512 mbram. I popped out all 3 and startet testing the slots and the cards. 1 of my slots was broken. Now ive only got 768 mbram, but my pc works fine now.

It cud be you've got a problem with your memory. Or just an IRQ thats wrong or the sumthing. IRQ conflict. But if u say your a noob with that stuff, dont f*ck with it. Get a more pro. computer nerd on your pc. Wink
Well, i've ran that error-test thing Razz and so far I haven't had any problems with it *crosses fingers* so maybe that has solved the problem, i'm not sure. Thank's for all your support guys!
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