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Help with Outlook Express

Ok, Here is the thing

I generally use to use webmail for checking my mails, But the other day when i noticed that there is an option to automatically configure outlook express with it I decided to check it out.

Now i downloaded the config file and updated the reg

when i restarted my outlook it had this new mailbox. so i tried to read the mail. it downloaded whole of the mails and i was able to read the mails.

Now when i went to check on my server ,it doesn't have those mails

The computer i downloaded is at my home and i sometimes need to access my mails at my work. and having old mails on the server is very
essential in this case.

Can someone tell me if there is a way to restore them back on to the server.

Thanks in Advance
Sorry, but you can't re-upload your email to the mail server.

To stop this happening in the future, change your settings in Outlook Express to "leave messages on the server"

Sorry for the bad news, but I hope this helped anyway.
After you have made that setting change in Tools->Accounts and your mail can then Forward those emails back to yourself and once again they will reside on your server so that they can be accessed using your Web Mail. Be aware though that more and more ISPs are limiting the amount of time that an email can sit on their server (ie Verizon has a 30 day limit, NetZero undetermined time, 60 days...etc).

Hope this helps.
Get yourself a gmail mail account. There is a lot of space and no time limit. It also has pop3 access (you can use Outlook exp.) and you can set it to archive all mails without having to set Outlook exp. to leave a copy on server.

Also note the boxes in OE under the checkbox for leaving the mail on the server that says erase mail from server after xxx days ...
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