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Is it just me or are dells the worst computers in the world?
I've fixed more than I had hot dinners
Lol, never had one so dont know, I dont like them for the fact they have there own psus etc so you have to buy special parts. Mad
Both my brother and sisters have dells and I've got to stand up for dell on this one. Their customer support has always been able to help both of them solve hardware problems. Any other problems have usually been user error (spyware and viruses). I'd take dell over an emachine, compaq, gateway, etc., anyday.
They're not bad for beginning users. No better or worse than any other major PC brand.
Is it just me or are dells the worst computers in the world?
I do not think so
My family has a lot of dells, know why?
Cause they are so cheap. We have 2 dell laptops, 2 dell desktops. They all work well, no hardware problems for 5 years on my desktop dell. All you got to do is reinstall the operation system. Fresh Install to get rid of all the crap that they install on your computer. Wink
No Buddy .. Dell Computers are one of the Best .. I just got one recentyl from Dell Manufacturer and its simply rocks

But still i prefer Hp computers as the Best !!
I haven't tried them but in my country they're the most advertised computers.
Dell is good in such period of time, wont last long as if it's performance decreases in time to time use..

I'd rather buy a Clone PC, i'ts cheap.. though i dont i mean it will last forever.. i mean it will last more than other branded PCs.. Idea
There Sales service might be good but there computers aren’t,
If you want a good PC get a HP or a Tiny, if you’re a hardcore gamer get a Alien ware
nah theyre good computers, cheap and all parts you need to upgrade are sold in places like pcworld, they are brilliant for upgrading, lots of slots for hardware etc Smile
I really hate dells.They aren't bad but no way are they anywere near the best.I'd rather buy an Alienware comp since some of there stuff is kinda cheap.Plus alienware comps look cool
Monkeydog wrote:
I really hate dells.They aren't bad but no way are they anywere near the best.I'd rather buy an Alienware comp since some of there stuff is kinda cheap.Plus alienware comps look cool

Toooo True, they make the best shells. Dells arnt good for upgrading they may have lots of slots but if you want to upgrade then just build your own
Texas Al
No, the worst computers are Compaqs. Sony's aren't bad per se but are a waste of money and have a lot of annoying proprietary devices with no drivers available for any OS other than what Sony decided to put on it when you bought it.

What I do like about Dell is they have excellent online tech support. If you're having any sort of hardware compatibility problem, you will find the right driver on their website, no matter what OS you're using, almost. The diametric opposite of Sony. I think the reaon you see so many broken ones is that there are just a lot of them out there to begin with. Especially in offices and schools.

The best computers are ones you build yourself from parts you pick out (or a hardware hacker friend of yours picks out). And, if you don't care about the video, sound, and how pretty it looks, you can have a pretty damn fast one for pretty damn cheap.
I'm not talking about there tech support I'm talking about there computers.
I have a Dell and like it very well. They are good at any question or help you need even after 2 years. I like the company . ... and My Dell.
Quite a few of my computers here are Dells, I've always trusted them and I like them the most out of any PC manufacturer. In fact, the computer that I'm posting this on, is a Dell.

I've found out how their line of computers go :

- Dell Dimension (the home PC, the cheapest line of their desktops)
- Dell OptiPlex (the mid-range business PC, the medium line of their desktops, the kind that I'm making this post from)
- Dell Precision WorkStation (the high-range business PC, which I've not worked at yet)

And with their line of laptops :

- Dell Inspiron (the lower-range home laptop)
- Dell Latitude (the higher-range business laptop, which my dad has, and I am soon going to be buying one)

I actually like making my own computers. Smile I done it once, and I'm doing it again, but I have to wait on the 2nd one as I'm in search of the correct motherboard on eBay. Wink

- Mike.
Too bad all you dell haters, I think dell is one of the best companies in the world. You see their computers everywhere, all the libraries, government facilites, schools all use dell, because they are cheap and reliable, they are built to last.

Alienware computers are really bad unless you upgrade it to the best. Their specs are worse than dell's and they cost more. I wouldn't pay $4000 for a laptop, when I could get the same specs for $1000 at dell.
ahh dells suck along with every other pc manufacture that is out there,they just have to much junk on them,i suggest to build your own or buy an alienware,but if i had to buy a pc then it would be an alienware,it owns all the rest Very Happy..and only you have never owned an alienware huh? you can get a desktop pc for 900 bucks that completely shows how bad dells are
here in brazil dell are the best "manufacturer" but i prefer to buy my own pc Smile
All the PC run the same OS Anyway so there is no real difference, your processor still has to wait for the HDD.
No Buddy .. Dell Computers are one of the Best .. I just got one recentyl from Dell Manufacturer and its simply rocks <--Wtf
Dell computers suck my balls dont ever buy one my dad bought one of there printers and it is already broke
lucky my sister owns the dell pc but i rather have it ... it way faster than this one at the moment
That is because it’s newer!!! I find that dell's are good for..... Well.... hmmm
( Confused Are they good for anything ) Confused ) Ok well there good for businesses like just typing and crap but when it comes down to programming they suck! I had one and after the first month I had to send it back because it kept on crashing they sent me another upgraded one and the same thing happened, so there no good for me
I never had one,and i realy don`t know..
Well..... I think that you must be unlucky or I was lucky or the other way around... My Dell has lasted longer than any other computers I've had!

The worst was the HP I had which broke right after the warranty....
That really annoyed me, but I've never had any major problems with my Dell so I can't say as I know what you're on about

Mr. Green
they use the cheapest parts out there, they are bad but there are worst companies in the world...
Dell have nearly the cheapest computers and i was convinced that they are also the worst.....but lately many of my friends are complaining about HP ....with HP becoming cheap and so many of hem being sold I fear it could become the next Hell ...oops i mean Dell
I have also a dell an realy there service is great.
when you buy , you can do 2 things you can go for the low price or you go for the high end

you get what you pay
It depends on how you're talking about dell.

I must say, i've had a dell laptop for almost 3 years now, and their laptops are great. My friend recently got an Acer laptop, and he lent it to me so i could put some stuff on it for him, and i must say it's horrible, i don't like the design, and for what he got in it, it was overpriced.

Dell desktops on the otherhand... I won't even get started on them. To keep it short, they're not that great, although i would prefer them over HP/Compaq being as i despise those brands for my own reasons. But if i was gonna get a desktop it would be custom built anyways.

Their tech support... it has it's ups and downs i guess.

Now, their accessories... very overpriced imo. If you're going to buy dell accessories, it's best to find an online shop that sells them.

I went to buy a new battery from dell (i didn't and i'm probably not going to), and for and 85 w/hr battery it's about $219. And then i did some hunting, and found a site that sells the same battery for my laptop, for $159 (yes it was also an 85 w/hr battery). The 65, or... 55 w/hr batteries are cheaper but i want more bang for my buck Wink .

Then their AC adapters.... I forget the actual pricing on them from dell... But i've gone through ... 2 adapters and i'm on my 3rd right now. First one came with my laptop, second i bought from for about $65 , and then the third one, i bought a universal one for $120, and it's more durable than the dell ones. But from reviews i've read, dell adapters only last about 6 months to a year and a half for the average person. So take good care of them , or be prepared to dish out a bit of money for that.

But, thats just my opinion on them. Razz
used to work for a startup which has dells laptops and desktops for all their employees. hated it. brand new ones, that I have had, broke now and then for no reason. as they were under warranty, changed everything and yet, still problematic. and so did the others'. became friends with a dell's technical engineer who confided that dells has so many of these cases. I think they use inferior components, certainly for on-board chips...and as with small (often heated chips within small space like laptops), they fry' a lot earlier and faster than durable ones.

i have ibm laptops also, for work and for personal use. never failed me. even as I used them like anything and treated them w/o a care. solid!

my personal preference? solid performance (to save me endless tears and pulling hair out later) ibm, followed by toshiba. i think sony, fujitsu, are sexy but very fragile. hp, compaq and asus; heavy and ok..but not that much attractive.

btw, you can get good ones (i always buy for and/or recommend it for family and friends, (uk site). so far so good. and nope, i dont know them or get anything from them for my recommendations, just a personal satisfaction of sharing what i know. Wink
Dell laptops are more than decent. Had mine for 3 years, video card needed replacing once, it was covered under warranty, next day repair...
only problem is dust accumulation, thats why the video card died, overheating.... i wonder how i'll solve that once my warranty expires :S

but anyway id much rather go with a desktop but if i had to choose a laptop, dell would be one of my choices (along with a netbook Razz) just because of the service and the decent product.

used dell laptops and desktops at work....hated them...esp the laptops...brand-new ones would break down so frequently even in their 1st year...and yet, some firms would order all dell machines...

spoke to dell engineers who said they have changed and changed so often in dell machines that sometimes it's almost like a new one...but dont feel comforted by the user has to reinstall everything all over again, whenever it goes major kaput...

i have ibm at home...and reliable machines...better for the mind and for the fist (in case, one gets tempted to smash the fist onto the machine, in frustration)...;P
Dells are the best I think. I have grown up with Dells. I own 3 Dells and 1 old GateWay. They are a beastly computer.
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