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If you were stuck on a desert island and you only had 2 cd's

This is a real brain ripper!! I was asked this question from an Aussie lass in a hostel in Romania...

From your entire collection you could only take 2 cds to your desert island and they may be the only music you will listen to for a very long time. What 2 cds could get you through ??

Take into account what would suit all moods, keep you motivated and not bore you to tears after hearing it for the thousandth time...

I chose
1- The Pixies- Doolittle
2- The Rolling Stones- Let it Bleed

What would you choose??
It had better not be a RIAA label CD or you might be sued for sharing your music with the indigenous animals of the island
since it's a desert island.
"Usher- it's getting hot in here"
How can you even play the cds on a deserted island?
i like local indonesian music :
- didi kempot ---> campur sari top 2001 remix by dj agus mujalli
- heety koes endang ----> the best pop '82
neil young - greatest hits
one of those 80 compilations with nothing but 80's power ballads.

Any of them if I can use them for lighting a fire... Very Happy
lukeropro wrote:
How can you even play the cds on a deserted island?

Easily some of the modern MP3 players (it would be better to convert the music to MP3 more error proof without mechanical parts Smile ) dont need batteries anyway, u know solar or magnetic induction energy sources. Wink

And about the music i think it would be:

Nightwish (some best of, prolly)
Vivaldi (Four Seasons really makes my day Wink )
I would use it to blind a plane in the sky and with my luck it will crash on the same island...
i would bring


inbetween dreams- jackjohnson
a nice contrast in music
Robbie Williams - Escapology


"somewhere out there"

How do we get to play those Cd's in the missle of a Desert
No discman, no cd's to play !

-Antonis Remos - San anemos
-Despoina Vandi

..:: Greek music ::.. Very Happy
It's hard to pick just two. I never thought about before now. What if I burned two mix CDs? Would that count? It's still two CDs. Or I'd just use my MP3 player, which is almost always in my pocket when I go anywhere.

lol, just kidding, I'd have to say

Boston - Greatest Hits
STYX - The Grand Illusion
I'll bring my MP3 player.

Neil Young--Greatest Hits
I don't remember the name of this Cd but there is a lot symphonies played in fims like in Clockwork Orange Rolling Eyes
It wouldn't matter what two CDs I took. I'd cleverly use them to device a fire starting device usingn the CDs to reflect and concentrate light. Then I'd start a smoke signal and rescued. SO THERE!
This would be the last thing on my mind if I was stuck on an island, lol. But I would have to take:

TRAPT - Someone in Control

Hmm, I'm having trouble thinking of the other.
This is a difficult one for me too. I need my music but my taste changes weekly.

One of them would have to be post-rock. Maybe Horses in the Sky by Silver Mt. Zion I'm still loving that one.

The other would probably have to be electronica, maybe Fourtet, Everything Ecstatic.
Well since its desert I would not take any CD's of my precious music collection because we should keep our CD's in a cool, dry and clean place which is very difficult to find in a desert. Same is the case with discman. In addition there arisis one major problem of batteries, once finished it's nearly impossible to find one in a desert.
Even then I would take :
1 CD of Blues and other one of Famous Indipop Songs. Cool
I don't have a portable CD player, only a MP3-Player.
So it doesn't matter anything, what's on the disk...

I'll probably use it to signal people far, far, very far away...
Jaap W.
This one is simple: a Star Wars soundtrack cd and a home-cooked cd with all sort of music on it. Wink
who needs batteries when you can make a wave power generating station out of a few trees and your belt buckle ^_^

as for CDs I think at the moment I would bring...

Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil


Thrice - Illusions of safety

if nothing else it will scare off any animals who want to eat me
since reggae greater than all...

Unknown Language- TOK
Re-birth Riddim- Various Artists

I'm going to take my pc game CD's with me, the two being lOTR and SimCity4 games.
The first would be Third Day's Wire.
The second disk would be... I don't know. Maybe Sons of Levi's Behind the Mask.
I wouldn't take any CDs, they'd just get ruined and I wouldn't be able to play them.
some classical music, lots of stuff by apocalyptica
40 oz. to Freedom - Sublime
Revolutions Per Minute - Rise Against
Iron Maiden - The whole discography i have on 1 cd Very Happy
Definitely Bad religion - the process of belief
Maybe some classic hits CD

Anyway, how can you expect that you will find a source of electric power on a deserted island?

Best use of those CDs would be to concentrate sunlight to start a fire Sad
two mix cd's...filled up with cftpa, the caps, t-craft, circ. system, and of mont. (+more)
Govind Damodar Madhaveti by Pt Jasraj
second one I really don't know.
a best off of nighwish and a mixed 80-90's club hits
2pac - all eyez on me
and another 2pac album

Assuming I had a cd player and enough batteries to make it worthwhile, I'd have to chose:

1- Iron Maiden "Somewhere in Time"
2- Flotsam and Jetsam "Drift"

But this would change frequently as my taste in music changes with my mood. What might be my favorite this week won't be next week, so it's kinda hard to say.
Symphony X - Divine Wings of Tragedy

Symphony X - V
Well concidering I have no power source or player on the island, there is no point taking any CD's are there?
bob marley and !jimmi hendrix, however both CD's would be in FM quality MP3 format - - - I am guessing around 600 songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As most of my CD's are *cough* burnt, I guess I'd take the two that house my full collection of:

A.) Rancid
B.) Frank Sinatra

Very Happy
Assuming that I can play them:

"Hunky Dory" from David Bowie. Has most of my favorites anyway.

Paganini's 24 Caprices, played by Eliot Fisk. Incredible to listen to.
Van Halen - Best of Both Worlds

Its a 2 disc thing but they're my most listened to so im taking both.
the libertines - up the bracket

the libertines - the libertines!!!
1947 - Earth

both by A R Rahman
Greatest Hits of U2.
Could they be mixed? Because I could think of at least 40 songs I'd like to take with me. Mostly Brown Eyes and Weezer ... xD
2 CDs full of MP3 from COLDPLAY Wink
i'd concur with the pixies, though i would take bossanova instead of doolittle

and i would take angel dust by faith no more
Tool-Aenima and Tool-Lateralus
TOOL is all I will ever need, I am not going to say they are the best band ever because that is stupid. I am just gonna say they are everything I ever wanted in a band. How many people get pissed when they say a band sucks or is really good based purly on the persons personal preference to the type of music?
geez. what a tough question this is.. but if im really stuck? i chose religious ones. (for the last moment of my life).. i might be die anytime.
well in the event that I could take BURNT discs, I would downplay the quality on all my MP3s so I could fit about 10 gigs of music on 2 CDs. otherwise

My preciouse Bloodhound Gang CD:
Hefty Fine- Bloodhound Gang

And for when I need to calm down:
Pablo Honey- Radiohead

And for the record, COME ON PEOPLE! He is saying if you had to, this is assuming you had a way to listen to them, he is saying you are stranded for liek 2 years, and your CD player, and masturbation are your only forms of entertainment. He is saying, you have a way to listen, soler power, magnets, BURNING SHIT if need be, he is saying if you were stranded and had a way to play CDs, which two would you bring.
ami having a CD player? MP3/CD player?
a laptop? What am I having?
if i had a CD player, i'll just record some radio stuff so that i don't' feel too alone.
WOW !!
first cd :
breaking benjamin - My prefer band!
Shinedown - I cant stop to listen it!
If I was in this situation, in this moment I would take this CD's:

Brujería --> Matando Güeros
Anihilation of the Wicked --> Nile

But there are lots of good albums!
2 Albums could be:

1.) Eppu Normaali - Repullinen hittejä (2cd or then one of Eppu Normaali cds)
2.) The Doors - Best of
I Would take:

Blink-182 - Greatest Hits

And a Mew cd with me Cool Laughing
A guitar legends cd and Something Corporate's Leaving throught the window.
I wanna take:

Hybird Theory by Linkin Park
In This Skin by Jessica Simpson

9/10 NME
The Beatles - The White Album - can't get bored of that Cool
The Beach Boys - Best Of - brilliant album if you're stuck on a tropical island Wink
Ohh. I forgot about blink 182. I might bring that instead of BG. Blink182 kicks more ass than should be legal! but COME ON PEOPLE! HE DOESE NOT WANT TO HERE BULLSHIT COMPLAINTS ABOUT "OHHH! I DONT HAVE A CD PLAYER" or "OHH! I DONT HAVE BATTERIES!" He ONLY wants to hear what you would bring! Mad
teriyaki wrote:
i'll just record some radio stuff so that i don't' feel too alone.

Wow, this is actually really intelligent... except I'd want the CD with the greatest capacity, so I could go as long as possible without repeats.

(I'd ration out 10 or 20mins a day or something)
Hands down, my selections would be:

1) "Chinatown"
The Be Good Tanyas

2) "The Times, They Are A-Changin"
Bob Dylan

I'd only listen at night though, because by day, I'd be trying to signal planes & ships with them, given that I'm not a terrific fan of the desert island lifestyle!
Very very hard... You can't make compilations of a couple of CD's you own? Erm.. If I had to pick two I'd take the Best of Bowie and Nina Hagen the Definitive Collection with me... And I'd smuggle in some Joy Division Very Happy
id have an ipod. forget that.
Hard one. Well, I know my first choice: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon ... as for the second... I'm not sure... I'd burn a techno mix or something... if it has to be a non-burned CD, then probably Simon and Garfunkle Greatest Hits.
Nightwish's "Century Child" for sure, I can't live without it, and.. I don't know... maybe.. Well I can't really tell. Sad
Five Iron Frenzy - The End Is Here
Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Goes Numb

Easily my two favourite CDs ever!
Ok Computer by Radiohead
and I'm not sure about the other one, probably a burnt mix CD with a lot of pretty ambient music.

Ok Computer was in my car's CD player for weeks!
This is easy. I can listen to these forever.

1. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live At Carnegie Hall

Can't beat the rockin' blues of SRV with Angela Strehli singing on C.O.D.

2. Rolling Stones - Acetates

Ohh that's a bootleg I have and is a burned cd. Oh well, their version of drift away neccesitates a burned cd as a choice.

These 2 spend more time in my cd player than anything else. Well maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd's Bootleg from Muscle Shoals Studios is close to these. Best version of freebird ever heard by these ears.
1 : a momentary lapse of reason (Pink Floyd)
2 : big generator (yes)
Soundtrack to Rocky Horror Picture Show
Pricilla, Queen fo the Desert

Hands down, the two best soundtracks of all time.
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss [burzum] and selected scenes from the end of the world [london after midnight].

but i would like to have an i-pod instead Smile
I'd have to get a bit of i'd say "Eric Clapton -24 nights at Prince Albert Hall" and Pink Floyds Greatest Hits.

That actually would provide a fair diversity in music if you think about it.
If I get bored with those....which I highly doubt (never have) I could always sing to the palm trees!
any cd from mozart. I would like seeing symphonies 40 and 41 on it.

and for the second cd, probably guns'n roses... apetite for destruction.

or Iron Maiden, brave new world.
NIN - The Fragile
Pink Floyd - The wall
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