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Favorite Free E-mail

What is your favorite free online email provider??

I have accounts in all the major carriers, but i still favor gmail the best. Their new chat stuff is not so hot, though.
Gmail and Yahoo are the best in my opinion. Everyone knows about them and everyone uses them.
Gmail is the best I've encountered... I have a Yahoo account but only for YIM - my Yahoo accounts always seem to get spammed out very quickly.
Gmail is the best by far, it gives you the chance to keep all of your emails without worrying about your inbox becoming full, it enables you to invite your friends to Gmail and you never get spam, you can also group all of your emails like a conversation. I don't think you can get better than Gmail and you certainly can't fault it. All the service I have had from Gmail has been great and I have never came across a fault with there service or accounts. I also use there email service as my msn addy. If anyone would like a Gmail account invitation then please PM me I am happy to send you one!
I too like Gmail
It is the best
However MSN Hotmail is also good
But i personally hate Yahoo mail
I don't know the reason but yahoo is yaakh
gmail...but recently there's been some server breakdowns isn't it? Or is it just me?
Gmail has to be my favorite free e-mail by far. I realize that I probably won't ever be able to fill 2.6gb of space up with mail... but that is why the gmail drive is so great. I can now use my 2.6gb of space as an external harddrive.
In my opinion, the best is gmail because its interface is so beautiful and the messages of a conversation are regrouped together.

but recently there's been some server breakdowns isn't it

With me it works
In terms of free webmail services, I think Gmail is the best, but the best free email service, hands-down, is the email service you get through your Frihost web hosting account.

You get full pop/smtp access so you can use it with any email program, or you can check your email using another webmail service, so you have all your mail in one place. You also get any address you like at your own domain, and that makes it an excellent free service!
Gmail, IMO. FriHost email service is really close, though..... Cool
I love gmail for its excellent spam resistance features. I barely got a single spam after switched over to gmail.
hotmail and gmail and aol mail all my love,But best like is hotmail...
i use gmx and gmail and i prefer gmail because it is easier to use and has less annoying ads
another thing is that gmail has an optimized webmail för pocketpc
try to use gmx with a small screen ,-)
10 points to googlemail
GMail is awesome because you can use the 2.5 gigabye storage as a online storage. Doesn't hurt that GMail is pretty good by itself.
At the moment gmail.But i suspect in a year it would be yahoo. Razz
GMail is the clear winner. No need to sort the mails. What I like the most about gmail is POP and SMTP support. I can use it with desktop mail clients. No one else offers this for free. Google knows what people want and when!!!
The new offerring ie gmail chat is really kool. No other service has so many facilities. And nowadays it seems everybody has gmail account so it feels like 'home' when I am using gmail.
i would have to say yahoo mail - you get 1GB of storage instead of the 250MB provided by hotmail. its also good with yahoo cos you can change the colour of your inbox, and also generate as many "temporary" email addresses using only the one account (so u can give a different email address out to every site, so that if you start getting spam you know who it came from, and you can then just delete the temporary address which then stops all spam)

its awesome Smile
boringest wrote:
gmail...but recently there's been some server breakdowns isn't it? Or is it just me?

Yeah, thought that was just me aswell. Blogger went down recently aswell (is this actually hosted by google?).
Well, I like best Gmail. It works fantastic! Much of storage, and entrance to all of Googles services!
gmail and hotmail must be the best email services
I don't know how people can still bear the 80 % screen space (ok, I am exagerating) in most of the free email providers (I'm thinking Yahoo, here) that is dedicated to Ads or useless stuff.

GMAIL is the one! We are here to check our emails; and we can do this without having blinking things distracting us from the content... Gmail interface is the most clear and ergonomicaly achieved I am aware of... so, use gmail!

Also, check the new nicely integrated chat feature which works perfectly OVER firewalls !
Obviously G mail rocks.
But other free favourites are
I like gmail. The interface is the best. And it is made by people who do not care how to earn money, not like microsoft!
I got one from 3 of the biggest providers too. My personal favorite is gmail so far. The only reason I got an account is I wanted Gtalk and you had to get a gmail email so i said ok. I fell in love with it.
GMail and this pop3 email provider I found are the best... But for some reason most of the time (lately) when I try to check my GMail I get a script error and I have to close my browser.
I prefer hotmail than other e-mail services, I know our need to log in our acount or its is deleted, now I am a Beta Tester of the new Windows Live Mail and I think that it is the best Web Based Mail Service.

I prefer pop/imap server, but for webmail the Windows Live Mail is incredible.
My Favourite Online E-mail Provider is Yahoo then Gmail.
Yahoo offers Fast Service compared with Gmail (access time is slow).
But Gmail also has Features that grouping of mails from single sender and searching Mails in Inbox.
In Space issue (i.e Memory provided) Gmail offers 2GB where as Yahoo offers 1GB space.
i prefer gmail but ofcourse its still missing some important features...

but its growing and they try to add realy new features to mail... so.. Smile
actually gmail is a good deal i think. Smile
I use hotmail and outlook, of the 2 I like hotmail better.
And it is made by people who do not care how to earn money, not like microsoft!

The creators of google are miljonairs. No care about money?

Gmail has built in spelling check for a lot of languages that's why I love it!
yahoo... I wana have Gmail.. but i dont know how...
I use Gmail and it's the best. If you wanna get Gmail account you must be invited by another Gmail user. I can invite anyone, just give me your email.
Yahoo Mail is my choice because I used it so many long time already. Hotmail is not very good, very small (25MB/250MB)and many advertisement.Gmail is a another good choice. Very Happy
Arno v. Lumig
I use GMail for my "serious" mail and hotmail for my MSN and spamm.

I like GMail because it's free and doesn't have banners.

Greetz, Arno
hay now any other email serivce will stay behind... as Hotmail & gmail going give free email address as


so right now it HOTMAIL & GMAIL... Very Happy Very Happy
charredii wrote:
What is your favorite free online email provider??

I have accounts in all the major carriers, but i still favor gmail the best. Their new chat stuff is not so hot, though.

Gmail, ofcourse! Easy to use and too much space - I have about 100 messages but I have used only 1% of my space. Also only 1 spam at 6 months.
gmail and yahoo mail are the best for me. i mean yahoo'z got great orginization and their spam filter is okay but all in all i favor gmail over anything else. the only problem is that its a little complicated to access with "some browsers" ie the wipeout pure browser etc etc. but i luv gmail and since it'z so new not many spammerz are gettin the tag yet. and yeah i agree with the chat thing, itz a little weak.
gmail rules.
dark inca
if you want an gmail acount you can sent me an email on and i wil sent you an ivitation
Googlemail aka Gmail is the best every secod the indox space gets bigger and bigger etc LOL

who has this thing called micromail i heard about it and it seems to give you alot of space but there is no site for it how can iget that mail also when do i get more Gmail invites

please answer these questions

I love Gmail ...n now with chat included in mail ...its even better Smile
I prefer Gmail..
fast and safe email provider...
and now having 2708 MB space!!
Still increasing!!


I am currently using msn live mail now, but i still prefer gmail, with its much more simple interface and faster loading time... MSN live mail is just another 'nicer' version of the old hotmail Laughing
i prefer Gmail.. as it provides 2708 MB space!!

pop3 and stmp service for free

direct e-mail forwarding to other e-mail account as specfied
i used to use yahoo. but i decided to change my address (to make it shorter). now i have gmail, thanks to Motaz. it is really the best free out there. maybe the best period.
GMail wins hands down..You just cant beat it.
Someone here said Yahoo in an year. Maybe cuz he is using there new Beta interface which also uses AJAX like GMail and Live Mail. I have all the three GMail, Yahoo Mail Beta and Windows Live Mail. The only place where both got better of GMail was the right click menu on email . You can just right click on any mail and forward, reply, delete it, etc... But in all other fields both sucked. Yahoo Mail beta is too much cluttered and those ads are still there. While Live mail is not so much cluttered it still features those ads and the features are not too much. It just looks liek an AJAXed version of Microsoft Outlook Web Access
In my opinion, GMail is still the best. It's faster loading and the cool interface do make them superior out there. Also, mails are grouped into conversations so that you don't have to browse through endless mails to find out what a particular mail is all about. To add to it, GMail also gives fast SMTP and POP access for free. This is more than enough for me.

I use GMail for email and Yahoo for the messenger alone, because I don't find GMail Chat that impressive. But still, in my words, GMail rules.
Well my main emial it hotmail......but i have got gmail but don't use that much. did you know that you can use gmail on msn? i have find that out because someone i know who is on my msn list has got his email as gmail.....over time i will prob use Hotmail & Gmail together, like one for business & other for personal use.

Yahoo just gives you alod of unwanted junk, because that what i got from them, now i don't even know my login or password for yahoo. oh well.
In top 3 format:
1)Hotmail (viewed through Outlook)
I m Gmail user.
Very very vell mail.
qaute and classfields and and...
Super mail... Wink
I use hotmail but Im changing to gmail now
Google is a trendsetter and usually offers products that incorporate new ideas to enhance the end-user's Google-related experience.
The single most impressive feature of Gmail is the amount of space allocated to users. They offer more than two GIGs (2 GB) of storage space, meaning users will not have delete old emails to ensure that their mailbox is not full. In anticipation of Gmail's coming, Hotmail increased theirs to 250 Megs. Essentially, users can store thousands of emails before filling up.

A second useful part of Gmail is that it does not have the usual folder set-up for a file system where users can place emails into user-created folders, a categorization method that is the standard format for emails that are to be saved. Instead, they employ a more complex but useful system called "labels." Additionally, users can search through their emails. It is as though you are using the Google search engine but only to find specific information in your stored emails. Also, Gmail allows users to tag their emails by placing a star next to the most important ones.

Another feature which makes Gmail an impressive offering is that users can import their address books from many other systems including competitors Yahoo and Hotmail, and Outlook.

Next, the "conversations" break down is usability feature that will come in handy. Gmail saves all of your back and forth email exchanges as one link in your inbox. When you click the link, you get all of the correspondence with that person in a list. This is similar to the threads in a message board. Truly a useful feature.
So far I have found Gmail to be the best EMail Provider. Their user interface is highly friendly with the eye comforting colors and the highly thought out layout. The functions provided are also very useful. One of them would be the email searching mechanism. It comes in very handy for me since I have more than a thousand mails in my inbox - makes life easier to use the search function. Very Happy
For personal use, gmail is the best, I feel. Just for some simple mails. But it is not useful to have some special mails, with a lot of graphics. Yahoo is the best in this area. Moreover, yahoo have many features that gmail lacks. Especially those filter options.I use it many times, and found it useful. As a conclution, I give both Yahoo and Gmail equal points in this competition currently.
Currently I use Yahoo, but after reading this thread im thinking of switching to Gmail.
I use "bboy" service, cuz nobody uses it, it's spam free, It's cool to me!
I'm in agreement that Gmail rocks. The folks at Google just strike me as so forward thinking. They get so much right, even when they're relatively new at it. Like Apple, I hope they're around for a long time to come!
My favourite is gmail. It provides plenty of space along with high usability features. Google has definitely considered the principles of Human Computer Interaction to build this. Just to let you know they are also coming up with their own Operating System and Microsoft feels threatened Exclamation
Gmail offers the best service by far. is a free webmail provider based in South Africa which is not bad.
my favourites are Gmail and Flightlevel350
all of them has much space and e-mail is delivered fast Very Happy
Gmail i've never seen as a qualified e-mail as gmail and may be Yahoo but not Hotmail it's really bad i think...
Gmail is the Daddy of all free email.

It will be No. 1 for many years.
I thing the best is Yahoo! and Gmail.
The best email provider is hotmail. Man the hotmail rocks for ever becoz they are the best and there support is also best, once somebody had hacked my account, i replied them back. The customer support replied me within 5 min beleive it or not. They immediatlely got me back the account and i had some very personal bank details in it finally i got it. Not only that they filter the emails very well and send to me. Good service by hotmail.
Been using yahoo for a long time now, and just recently picked up a professional looking gmail account (that I'm going to use as a professional point of contact, of course ... one I can check at work without all the "Agents compete for your v1agra refi1" crap.)

I get about 100-150 messages in my spam box every day ... but I kind of have to search through it, because often it throws out good messages (note: frihost forum mesages get spam-boxed). I don't flash that email address around too often either.

And I hate to say it, but I like having a yahoo or gmail account, because of their stability. If I used my comcast, time warner (ISP's), school, or work based accounts, they would never be the same year in and year out.

One last note/warning about Yahoo. Yahoo admits that they lose / misroute 1% of all email. Don't know what the other averages are, but when you get 100 spam's a day, that means one email a day is lost... spam or real.
I mainly use Hotmail becoz I have used it since many years, contacts have build up since. It does eveything I expected. so there is no reason to fully switch to other email. Having said that I have taken part in their recent beta trial (attempt to make it look like Outlook) which I think it's crap, so slow.. or perhaps it's beta, so I can't criticise much.

I have recently open an account with GMail, I like the "label" feature, but it doesn't allow you to filter out the un-labelled mails. I think they should implement this, becoz sometimes you just want to look at the mails which are not label yet.
Gmail has absolutely the best free email acounts... gmail is much better then many comercial acounts, so I use it Smile
Gmail is definitely cool with its 2.6+ Gb of space but I cast my vote to yahoo mail. The look and feel of Yahoo is far better compared to Gmail in my opinion.
I have used yahoo and hotmail side by side few months ago but after gmail, i nowadays dnt even sign into yahoo and msn except for IM. Gmail great. The only thing i want more frm gmail is a good chat. Though my gmail is spammed. nowadays i get atleast 2 spam mails. is there any way to stop it?
i think gmail is very good for attachment and contact management and very fast email reading... but it has only small difficulties suppose we using very slow intenet connection we cannot use gmail.. loading time is very high.

Yahoo is also very good one...
mine is yahoo.i like it because of large no of features which it provides like addressguard,pop3 access,1 gb storage and also it is free with a very good spamguard.
Google's G mail Rocks!!
Google started Free Personalized Email For Your Domain!
That is, You can create with Google!
Gmail... It's the best one at the moment.
And I like google talk, etc. too
Gmail is the best. Their chat client is getting better as time goes on. I have a yahoo account, but I mostly use it for IM.
Gmail excellent for big mails.

but still use hotmail as my primary mail, more than 10 years using it and cant complain on anything, And the new live beta.. Man good looking, extremely slow to load, the good part its there 2 gigs and 25mg per mail Smile
I like gmail and hotmail,Becaust the gmail use ajax technologys,but gmail looks no like hotmail !
I think the best free online mail is hotmail!
i too choose gmail. why?

- can use anywhere
- huge inbox (>2.7gb)
- it's like a external hard drive (when using gSpace)
- efficient deleting spam mail, i don't get any in inbox
- quick search, no need for several folders
I have yahoo acc but only for SignUps (forum, SEO etc) - it's ok Smile
For normal use i prefer (it's pol mail provider) - it's ok for me , fast , 1Gb , short adress and integrated with communicator whitch i use (Tlen) Smile but this is for PL ... for global use - Yahoo (because i never had an gmail) Smile
Gmail is definitively the best online mail account. That it's is just a bonus,
I would probably pay for a sevice as good as Gmail.

Gmail is the best email service, no doubt about it. Wink
Definetely gmail. I hate yahoo and hotmail with a passion. Sure, yahoo was (maybe?) the best before gmail, but let's face it; yahoo's spam protection blows.

Gmail has successfully filtered all spam from my inbox with no hassles, it's great. Also, gmail offers POP access, which is nice to use with your favorite email client program.
yahoo because i can use it with my mail client via POP or IMAP
In my opinion, the best free email provider is Google Mail. It has a simple and useful interface, blocks all the spam that I receive, and has a big space for storage. And I never had a single problem with it.
I think that the new Hotmail Live is just a poor imitation of the Google Mail's interface... I, personally, do not like it... And I hate Yahoo, since it's filled with ads, and I can't keep on reading my emails when the screen just keep on blinking...
So, long live to Google Mail!
Maybe he meant that the google side doesn't charge people for its service, unlike microsoft...
Gmail rules ...performance, features,space , periodic new features

what more can u ask for
charredii wrote:
What is your favorite free online email provider??

I have accounts in all the major carriers, but i still favor gmail the best. Their new chat stuff is not so hot, though.
I'ts fast, it's nice and it hase a nice and easy interface. Everything one would expect from a free e-mail provider.
Personally I think that Gmail is the best. Not only because of the space and the handy grouping of emails, but also because of the FireFox plugin, GSpace, that turns your account into what is practically an FTP storage space.

Also, I don't like Yahoo as, for some reason it screwed up a couple of accounts with it's botched security measures that meant I couldn't access my account for whatever reason. I hope they fixed that, but even if they did I'm not going back.
I personally am still stuck between using Hotmail and Gmail. I like Gmail a lot since Gtalk is automatically imbedded into your inbox area so I can see if any of my friends are on and whatnot and chitchat with them if I need to, and the layout is just very crisp and all. But with Hotmail...well, I dunno, just because it's been my e-mail for the past several years is probably the only reason why I still use it. Razz
GMail obviously! It has so much disk space such that I have never deleted any message (except spam) since two years ago, and that its interface is clean and simple, not like other provides which spam your page with banners and ads.
kansloos wrote:
And it is made by people who do not care how to earn money, not like microsoft!

The creators of google are miljonairs. No care about money?

Gmail has built in spelling check for a lot of languages that's why I love it!

Yes, no doubts that Gmail is also my favorite one.

I got like a few more but since a while I'm using Gmail intensively without any issue.
My preferred e-mail provider currently is Hotmail. It comes with an easy-to-use Windows Client and you get 25 GByte of storage on SkyDrive for sharing photos, which integrates well into Hotmail.
I noticed though that Hotmail doesn't work well on Linux systems; no useful client app available and often doesn't run smoothly in browser as well. Well, no wonder, it's Microsoft.
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