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Hosting moodle

I am an English teacher living in Argentina (Patagonia) and would like to have an online environment for supporting students learning of the language... Is it possible to do this?
To be honest, I really don't know much about web page design (the only one I ever "created" was using "freesitedesigner"... it was good (it still looks fine), but I really need something more "interactive" for my students.
Any help - if this is possible (and if I am accepted!!!) - would be really appreciated!
Karo Wink
Ask your students if they know php and java ....

Or you will have to learn them (at least php).

And of course you will need to know html (and bit of dhtml)

If you know them(or have people who know them)

OR you can always hire a web company or a group of teens to do it for you

There's no real easy way to make a web page interactive Wink
You can always try some CMS, like Nucleus CMS, Joomla!, Postnuke, and so on...

If you want some kind of Bulletin Board / Forum system, you can try to have a look in PHPBB and SMF.

If you want a type of Blog, you might have a look into Wordpress.

[update] Forgot to mention collaborative softwares (wiki), I don't have much experience with this, but you can take a search in SourceForge to look for one wiki software [/update]

Just try some of them and see if any fits into your needs. It's easy to install and can save you some precious time Wink
The subject says it all guys Moodle is a piece of software designed for the circumstance. Bondings would have to say if its against the TOS but I dont think it is.
Pretty simple to setup ofcourse self install you just need to press a few buttons or chat to anyone on the forums who could press those buttons Smile
Sure, you'll be able to install Moodle... You can install any PHP script on the FriHost servers as long as it's freely available...
Thank you for giving me some tips on this subject! I gather that I will have plenty of time to find out information regarding my concerns (guess the waiting list is long!).
As I learn more, I promise I will be more specific with my queries!

...And I will check again if it agrees the TOS - it did not seem to when I read it before subscribing!!! (after all, that was, and still is, the reason I showed up here!!!)
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