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A Script...

hi ppl,

i m to bulid a website, which people can visit and upload data in certain html fields. e.g name, address, a pictures etc and then save it on my webserver , then other people visiting my website can search through these pages and send me an email about the page they like ,,, is there an automated script or system for this type of setup.... plz inform me if any1 knows about it...Remeber its not a dating website i have in mind.......plz do reply Thankyou
Pretty easy to code using PHP with a MySQL Database (im sure other languages work find im just familiar with these) however if you have specific needs the short answer is custom script. You cant usually find a script that suits your needs perfectly when you need it for a specific job.
i dont have any knowledge of php and mysql,, but i might modify one thta is closer to wat i want....
I know exactly what you want to do. Unfortunately I'm not at home at the moment so i can't copy paste the script on here and tell you how to use it. It is however php related... So if you don't want php at all. just post and say so and i wont include itone here.. But if you are willing to start learning a bit of it I can help you out a ton. Php is a lot easier to deal with that html. CUZ IT DOES SO MUCH MORE AND AUTOMATICALLY FOR YOU! But everyone has their preference. Anywayz just let me know what you want to do. And all Ican do do is either help or not....
yea send me the script in php , i dont know much about PHP but using some scripts written in php has really attracted me twdz it ,,, yea i do wana learn it as well i ll greatly appreciate any help you can provide, it ll b really kind ov u.....
I made a PHP system for uploading and sharing content (uploading only by admin and open for downloading). I don't have time so can't explain it completely to you. Just do this: download the source code from: and then run the following php file:



define(DB_DOM, "localhost");
define(DB_USER, "root");
define(DB_PASS, "");

$conn = @mysql_connect(DB_DOM, DB_USER, DB_PASS)
   or die("Error: Could not connect to MySQL server");

$rs = @mysql_select_db("qb", $conn)
   or die("Error: Could not locate specific database");

$sql = "create table qbase(id int auto_increment, name text, flocation text, fsize text, ftype text, time timestamp, description text, mm varchar(40), questions varchar(100), primary key(id))";

$rs = @mysql_query($sql, $conn)
   or die("Error: Could not execute Level 1 query");

if(rs) {
   echo("Query at Level 1 executed");
$sql = "create table admin(id int auto_increment, username varchar(100), password varchar(100), primary key(id))";

$rs = @mysql_query($sql, $conn)
   or die("Error: Could not execute Level 2 query");

if(rs) {
   echo("Query at Level 2 executed");

$sql = "create table view(id int auto_increment, view int, primary key(id))";

$rs = @mysql_query($sql, $conn)
   or die("Error: Could not execute Level 3 query");

if(rs) {
   echo("Query at Level 3 executed");


Please remeber to change the definitions in the first three lines. Define DB_DOM as your domain for MySQL server, DB_USER for your MySQL usernname and DB_PASS for your MySQL password. Do the same for the sql.php file provided. As for the administration part, to add new admins, use the following query:


insert into admin(username, password) values("USERNAME", password("PASSWORD"));

where USERNAME and PASSWORD are the username and password you wish to use...

That'd be all. The source code is not really well written as I had to complete it within 2 hrs... but even then... feel free to ask anything from me... Wink
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