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Who loves Rollercoasters?

I am a real fan of rollercoasters and love em but i live in Aus. And bcoz of that i dont really get to go on many rollercoasters here. I have been to America 3 times before once last year 2 go 2 the parks in California. Just thinking that you could all write here reviews, opinions, and anything else that you wanna share about rollercoasters... Have fun!
Uh... ok

try that.
I love rollercoasters! =) Rockin rollercoaster at Disneyland paris is my favourite! But 'AIR' at alton towers closely follows my fav Razz.

I make them in rollercoasters tycoon 3 from time to time also.
i live in aus

I go to dream world!!!
in QLD
I love rolercoasters. I ride them all over the eastern part of the United states. Very Happy
i love roller coasterr tycoon II. so i think i'll like the real stuff too Smile
Yeah, Australia has Dreamworld, Movieworld and Wet'n'wild. I have been to all three on the Gold Coast and I loved it. Lethal Weapon was my favourite one Razz
rollercoasters rock! you've just gotta love them. especially when rushing downwards from a high point, just love that feeling! Laughing
I've always been a wuss about roller coasters, I dunno why. I love water parks, the big water slides that toss you around and sometimes are enclosed so its pitch dark... but I can never enjoy roller coasters.
I love rollecoasters. It's so fun to get a real kick from time to time and to watch all the people with shaky feet all most pee in there pant because they are so afraid.

I espesially want to try a rollercoaster called X somewhere in Britain. I've seen it on discovery and it looks amazingly thrilling.
Is there anyone that have tried this one?
I really, really, really love them!!!!! And THAT is something I miss down here... Whenever I'm away (that is: the U.S.) I rush to those great theme parks you have over there!!!! Unfortunately, we don't have so many of them here (Patagonia...), but at least we can enjoy some reasonably good thrills in Buenos Aires, where (as you well might have guessed...) I quite often go!
I LOVE roller coasters, so much that I am thinking about designing them for a job. I would LOVE it. My hometown park is Cedar Point, the last Roller Coaster was Top Thrill Dragster, added in 2003.
Sorry, I don't cause they just scare the crap out of me. Especailly those that go up side down. I went on those before (a couple of them in fact, my friends force me on). The G-forces make me feel uncomfortable
Six Flags Magic Mountain has several nice coasters. I finally got to ride X there last year. It was awesome! It was almost too much. I wanted to ride it again to get a better "feel" for it but the line was way too long. Univeral Studios in Orlando has some nice coasters as well. I have not made it to Cedar Point but I hope to.
I always hated roller coasters when i was 5 but then i went on this one i can't remember the name, but i had so much fun...i was scared to death at first but then i wanted to keep going back on. My favorite ones are Nitro, Medussa, and some other ones that you can find at Six Flags. :p They're really great and everybody should try them out, it's worth it...unless you get motion sickness xD
REVIEW:nemesis inferno-thorpe park

Tension build up:8
Hurl factor:7
Dizzy factor:11

this ride is the best! its got so many corkscrews and loops that when i got off i couldnt walk straight!! Collosus is another good roller coaster at thorpe park it has 10 loops!
I love rolercoasters. I ride them all over İstanbul.
once in a while, i'm fine.. but if i take a few rides at a go, i cant.. it is not too good to your heart too.. get heart attack..
i dont really know cause i get scared from most of the rollercoasters...
and i don't really love hights...
the only thing that excites me at rollercoasters is the speed,i like riding with high speed...
good night to you all Smile
I actually have more fun building them in Rollercoaster Tycoon than actually riding them.

Don't get me wrong, riding the coasters is great, but it's a thrill, whereas building them you get to picture all the freaked out little virtual peeps screaming at your engineering marvel.

Plus you can make rollercoasters that could never be made in reality.

Plus it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg to do it. Theme parks are fricken expensive.
I love roller coasters. I have not riden many though. I love the rush it gives you!
I LOVE Rollercoasters! I am really into the controlled insanity of them. I mean you know it's safe (???) but it scares the hell out of you anyway and makes you feel alive! Anything that can plaster a smile on my face as much as they do is money well spent if you ask me Smile
Rollercoasters are so awesome. You are completely safe, but you feel like you are not because of the thrill. It is a complete contradiction of the mind...

My favorite coaster is called Deja Vu, and it is a HUGE coaster where you start by being lifted backwards up a vertical column a few hundred feet. If you are on the front row, you can see the ground hundreds of feet down... It is awesome...
I love rollercoasters, the one in west edmonton mall (pretty much the only roller coaster in alberta) is so much fun. I musta been on it like 50 times in my lifetime
Scary, But fun. I really enjoy them except for the fact it makes me vomit after a few rides. (Never ride on a full stomach)
meet in rio
I'm a huge wuss, but usually go along with it anyway.

Nemesis Inferno (at Thorpe Park) is pitched about right for me; Space Mountain (The Paris one; not the Orlando one - that was fine) scared the shiznit out of me! I also rather like the ones which swing you around exert amusing forces on the faces of the people next to you. Wink

I've never seen the point of those 'sudden drop' towers - the falling sensation is bloodcurdling.
I am with psycosquirrel. I love riding Deja Vu at Six Flags over Georgia. The line is way too long, so I only ride it one time per visit, but it is so much fun to ride.

One funnystory, after waiting 3 hours for it, my friends and I were finally up to the boarding thing. One of my friends started to get scared, and wouldnt get on, so I went and told the operator and he announced it over the speakers so everyone in the 3+ hour line heard, and cheered for him to go. He was so embarrased that he finally got on, and ended up wanting to do it again
rollercoasters are awesome.

a few years back i was all set for a trip to a theme park, and my lung collapsed(spontaneously...). the doctor said I probably shouldn't even do the long car trip, let alone any ride, but I tell you something, rollercoasters are just as fun with a chest tube. Wink
I'm neutral to rollercoasters. I seldom go to theme parks or amusement parks anyway. I took rollercoasters twice or thrice. It was really fun though Very Happy And firebrandglass, that girl in the last pic actually pee-ed in her pants after taking that rollercoaster, cracked me up...
I loved!!! Laughing
but in fact I feel nervous everytime I fast my seatbelt...
I played more than 20 times but I also felt like that,
I had to read a text about rollercoasters last year in the lessons of English. I know about everything about them. Shocked Did you know that being in a rollercoaster is safer than being at home? Smile

They also talked about the difference between wooden and steel rollercoasters. Wooden have more character, and the feeling you have in a wooden rollercoasters depends on the weather, temperature,... Some people also like the sound of wooden rollercoasters. And some people say that wooden rollercoasters are over-engineered, that it isn't exciting anymore...

But I prefer steel rollercoasters, because of the higher G-forces, and I think it's more creepy (especially with "negative G's".) I've been on one rollercoaster with negative G's, and you have the impression that you're about to fall out the rollercoaster. Very eery. Smile
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