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What do you think?

Please visit my site and give here some comments about the layout.
Build it all up by myself, and everybody after me --> dont do that again! Just copy codes. It costs too much time Very Happy

Any way, give your thoughts
Not bad, standard clean design, however here are tips:

1. That gradient in header is kind of rough why not grad it into blue rather than to white? Its a little too much when u grad from dark to light colors. And here its even worse since the background is white so it seems like a gap in right half of the header.

2. Use more saturated blue color in the table cells, it may liven up the page a little.

3. Try to move the "Home" above the "Welkom" to the right a little so its parallel with the "Welkom".

4. There is no padding in the cells to the left (Online, Login cells) so the text and editboxes are too near to the cell border, it simply doesnt look good.

Ok thats all, hope i helped. Wink
Put some padding on those cells.

Use a brighter color for the highlight of the buttons.

Use a smaller (not too small) text size for the login box.

Loose the shadow on the buttons. If your website is plain, your buttons should be plain.

On the header background, graduate to a light, desaturated blue, not pure white, instead.

That's really all there is to fix. Nice site.
Olivia Wood
I don't mind the shadows on the buttons so much, but the color is kind of off-putting. It's more of a warm, greenish-grayish blue, and the rest of the site kind of has that cool chrystal blue thing going on, so the menu just ends up looking muchky in context.

I also notice that your padding for the main cell varies a lot from page to page. I'd fix that, if I were you. Personally I like the indenty setup you have on the Links page, except I would make the padding just a bit bigger. And yeah, make sure to line up your titles with the "Home".

And I really like that little orange triangle you have up on the home bar. If you could add some more warm - yellow, maybe? - accents here and there, it would go a long way to spark it up a bit. Cool

You did a really good job overall, though. The little newspaper on the News page is really cute.
I like it!!! ( I wish I could do something like that ... maybe someday I will - if they accept me here!). Pity my Dutch is simply non- existent...
Good job... it seems difficult! Is it???
Hey! It looks much better now. It looks more put together and the banner graphic isn't jagged as it used to be. Good improvement! Keep it up and congrats! Smile
All I see is a cool mountain background with some not-so-easy-to-read white text. Has something changed since this topic was opened? Confused
Nice background image. The text at the top is a bit hard to read though. You could change the color to a solid black, or maybe a flat color of grey.
Looks to me like De server was gehacked. If his site was on server 2 he might have been a victem of the announced worm and his site is down at this time until he get's his web site fixed again.
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