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Cinderella – The Morning After

Written for my baby sis who loved hearing Cinderella tale, just to tell her that I miss her......

Cinderella – The Morning After

O Cinderella!
Why do tears your beautiful eyes spill?
With a mournful song upon your lips,
Against the window why do you kneel?

Is that a glass slipper in your hand?
With it won’t you part?
Why do tears still run down your face,
Who was it that broke your heart?

For whom do your tired eyes wait,
Staring down the lonely road,
Why do you shed those silent tears,
Does that lessen your painful load?

Do your dreamy eyes staring beyond,
Remember the moments of last night,
When thy prince held your hand,
Nevermore such a marvelous sight.

Oh sigh not fair Cinderella,
All from you midnight did take,
Stole you away from thy prince,
Least he should have seen the spell break.

Gone is your priceless gown,
Gone is your golden carriage,
But cry not, O sweet child,
My eyes still hold thy fair image.

Your rags can never hide,
The beauty that lies inside,
Oh! Believe not your evil step-sisters,
Bad they said, worse they lied.

Ah! Look now down the lonely path,
And see who comes riding by,
Is that not a glass slipper in his hands?
Is it not your name in his whispered sighs?

Oh! Run fair child,
Open that door to thy fair prince,
Ah! Your smile says it all,
Who was it you waited for, so long since.

* * *

Now how did this tale end?
Well….they lived happily ever after for sure,
Smile not at my charming tale,
I know you must have heard it somewhere before!
(Tell me, have you?)
wow that is awsome
albusa wrote:
wow that is awsome

Thanks for your appreciation. I'm kinda short for words as to how to reply! So just thanks!
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