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Modding Computer Cases......

Alright so everyone always wants to have the coolest case, right?
I got pretty bored with mine, but I didn't feel like making a Mod. Instead, I decided to take a hardshell case from a camcorder, and make that into a computer. It works great! Here are my images.

So.. Thats my total CaseMod..
This is the screenschot from the actual operation

wow, impressive,
It takes guts to transform your pc like that. I'd be afraid of poor earthing connections, and overheating in the case (plastic = insulating).

And it's portable with a handle too.
Nice! i like it!

But not the tape you have around it, it doesn't look so serious.

I'm about to casemod an old computer allso!
But I'm looking for a place to put all the things! I'm thinking of a simple paperbox Very Happy
The case doesn't get hot at all, it's got 3 intake fans and 2 exhaust fans running inside it, 2 on the top and others in the sides,
The tape i couldn't help. It had a rather large crack on it that i couldn't do anything about.
i plan to mod it much more into the smaller case next to it eventualy..

As for using a simple paperbox, you will want something harder and stronger...
try using lego's and superglue, thats my next big project!
Here are a few more pics of the system i didn't know i had


So yeah, thats the case on the right that i WANT to put the system in.......
Lets hop i can get a flat PSU and a smaller fan and it's a done deal!
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That is AMAZING. What flavor/speed of processor are you running in that beast? I'm surprised you do not have thermal buildup problems. Overall, great job. Good luck on finding a flatter PSU; I don't know if such a thing exists... You must have a very small MOBO, as well. Hmm...
*looks around room for possible case mod objects*... hmmm, i wonder if my matx will fit in my old NES case... Twisted Evil
mine is a standard hp case with green spraypaint that has marble texture. and i hooked up a hose to this fog machine and drilled a hole in the case so fog pours out from behind the case
does fog condensate? or insulate heat for that matter?
the silver tape is the best feature Laughing
That's pretty cool, it'd probably good for LAN parties if you go to those. The most modding I've ever done on a case (so far Wink ) is put in a window kit and spray paint the plastic to a dark green color. I think it looks okay, but I'd like to do something more complex eventually.
The processor is:
Amd Athlon 2400 (runs at about 1.98Ghz)
Motherboard is a ECS-K7s5a with onboard sound.
Video Card is: ATI's Rage 128 pro (not great but good enough to run my counter-strike 1.6

it also contains 2 hdd's at 60gig each.

i made it souly for the lan gaming and portability concept.

As far as the PSU comment,
i got in contact with a machineist who specializes in shit like that and he's actualy going to take apart a few psu's for me and fabricate a psu that is about 3 inches thick, and 11 inches long. it's going to be mounted with heatsinks bored into the top of the case with cooling gel coating the insides.

something i can mounth to the hingework on the smaller case i plan to use

in the mean time i am working on a bare bones system comprised of a DESK. i was thinking of a system thats more stationary and useable and i figures, why not mount redi-clips onto the under portions of my desk and actualy mount my hdd, motherboard and everythgin else right to my desk? what do you think about that
your desktop is very beautiful....
how to do it?
I had an Idea for a case mod that I will be capatilazing on soon:
I'll make the whole case out of ornamental cast-iron.
Power buttons will be ornately forged levers on the side of the case.
Check out a Mag called custom PC
wow.. cool! what is that program that shows the calendar, pc specs, system memory and weather anyway?
Very nicely done ! =))

I have a different setup,, I have the cases open and now and again find a mouse there and once a small chicken as my likes to breed them and they find the lowest case comfy,, unfortunately I don't have a pix of it but cute it was.
I have them open so I can clean the dust out of then quickly and for heat reasons as they are all overclocked. =))
Wow thats pretty neat. Though I would find something with a bit more air flow to keep from over heating. How long did that take to do? I was wondering if its possible to make a fiberglass pc case. Kind of like how you make speaker boxes for cars but for your pc.
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