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Homebrew Help??

Hi there, i just started brewing my own beer, unfortunately my first few
batches have been a bit lacking in taste... They have great carbonation,
head retention, alcohol content and clarity, but the taste is just a bit
not right!!
I've just tryed replacing the brewing sugar with honey, but i'm wondering
if anyone has any great ideas... at all??
Yes, I've studied this in detail.
I presume your doing infusion mashing - just one temperature mashing tun, since this can easily be carried out at home. Since you have the right great carbonation, head retention, alcohol content and clarity, you have the right balance of temperature, modification etc. I would suggest using hops to adjust the taste to more bitter and aromatic, or use more highly modified malt (higher enzyme content) for a sweeter taste, or even challenge yourself to using adjuncts like rice or cereal, which have very unique tastesn and feels.

Note: Dextrins are sugars which do not produce alcohol. More dextrins make it sweeter. Highly modified malt produces lots of dextrins. The mashing tun/lauter tun, has a grit at the bottom that filters the mash and returns the mash to the container, grit is very important as you will see at the website.
Excellent!! Thanks for that. I'll study that site and give it all a go!!
I'm in that experimental stage and will try anything!!!
Also i may suggest, and i know this sounds really weird but i've tried it before and came out really great.

If you're replacing your sugars with honey, have you tried dropping 2 or 3 coffee beans in the brew for a about 1/3 of the process if available?
I have only passively observed the brewing of homebrew beer, but I will attempt to provide you with some stupid suggestions that any idiot knows... Ready?!
Make sure your equipment is properly sterilized.
And, umm.. Sorry, but I really can't think right now. I'll question my father, as he is quite the homebrew expert, and get back to you.
also, one may keep in mind the fermentation process...
stand alone .. it is what it is... makes the BEER well.. BEER!
but also think of it as a sort of maranade process too...
think about that.
also try mixxing different spices into your mix to see what pops up
mane people say that rosemarry and others are great
the time u take to brew is also inportent in some cases both for the taste and fore the stabilety depending on howe much suger and yeast (not sure if this is the right word in english) my 1st brew left a nice splat trace on my ceiling and face Very Happy

i hade a page about this a few days ago but the crash on server2 erased all that
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