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hey have any of you guys done yoga? if so what was your experience like did you see any results/change in your body for the better? what kind did you do and did you enjoy it? my experience w/ yoga was in college i took it for a semester as a class. it taught me how to manage stress, relax, and stimulate my overall well-being through practicing yoga on a regular basis. I intend to continue to study yoga for years to come because I have witnessed all of its positive effects on my body, mind, and psyche. everytime i did the yoga in the 2 hour class I always came out with a clear mind and felt rejuvenated. i learned hatha yoga and learned some of the terms for each of the poses and a little bit of the history and who did yoga in ancient times which was really neat to learn. i tried to make practicing the poses a daily routine. i heard that doing it in the morning is the best way to practice. i think yoga goes hand in hand with meditation which we also did in the class.meditating on a regular basis enables us to become more “in tune” with the sanctity of everything about and around us. sometimes it isxtremely difficult to remain in tune with our “natural mindfulness” and our true selves. In order to avoid anu distractions we might be faced with we must simplify our state by meditating in the proper position with a straight back legs crossed and hands on your thighs. let me know if you guys benefited from this post and if you have anything to add. thanks!
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