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My Fish

Here's my fish, he's a Beta. My brother bought one for this ecosystem project he had to do for his class. I took him to the store and I saw that they had tanks on sale that were like 75% off. So I thought having one would liven up my dorm room a bit, so I bought a tank and fish along with my brother. Here he is:

It looks a little lonely, but also attractive so it should be popular.
Cool fish. Smile Smile

But I agree, I think he or she??? needs a friend. Laughing Laughing
Your fish is very lonely Very Happy
Yeah, the fish very perity!

But it looks a little lonely, I think he or she??? needs a friend.
Does the fish are really?
It looks something not true!
Your fish need a partner and a friend. It would be nice if you by he/her a CAT Laughing
Lonely fish, needs a company ! I mean another fish, not a cat !
Very Happy
decard cain
whats its name? maybe akon. (mr lonely) how long have you had it? i'd like to keep a fish like that. i keep koi so if you like they can go in a chat room with it.
I like the fish. But if you want to see a fish tank here i am cleaning a 1,500 gallon one in Orange County.
um.... if thats what i think it is...... giving it a friend may not be a good idea lol... they tend to kill each other
Yeah, it's a fighting fish. It would be okay if I put female or another small fish. But if I put in another male betta they will fight to the death.
I'm hunger now,may be i want to eat your fish
Very Happy
Yeah, small fish like to mate, great to see little males and females chasing each other round the pool
fish and chips. not much filets on that one
Yeah, it's a fighting fish. It would be okay if I put female or another small fish. But if I put in another male betta they will fight to the death.
actually only fight if there isnt enough room for both orhiding spots ect.
Wow this one looks nice. When you put a mirror in front they get like that on the picture... They think it's another male, and get ready to fight
Cool nice fish it looks great I have a big huge goldfish in my tank.
Beutiful fish Very Happy but very lonley... You must buy next fish.
Beautiful and attractive!

Nice color pattern ............... I like the shape too!!!

What type is it?

NO! Don't get a friend for it, betta splendans prefer to be on their own, if you get a friend for it, make sure your tank is big enough and don't get another betta splenden or any guppys, they attack them sort of fish, betta splendens should only be kept together for breeding purposes. If you want, you could get some shrimp or if your tank is big enough a shoal of neon tetras. It's a male, you can tell by it's fancy fins, below is two pictures of a pair someone has succesfully bred.

As you can see males are alot prettier, the good things about this fish are they are very hardy and they have a labrynth organ, so they can breathe air from above the water. If you would like anymore information on ANY type of fish, visit this website
Sorry mods if posting this forum is not allowed, but it's about fish so I suppose it's different? Just quite a few people get the wrong idea when keeping fish, and this site is extremely educational to new people, believe it or not, I have only been keeping fish for a couple of months now, and already I have a new 30" tank, which started off as a 3"x3" cube with a betta in it.
Also, he looks very skinny, or it could be that he's young. You should get a packet of bloodworms to feed him on for now until he fattens up a bit. You can get it frozen or live, it's only 30p for a packet, and just about ALL pet shops sell it, you may have to ask them as sometimes they have it behind the counter. It used to be a favourite with my betta, tried to feed him a varied diet and he will look much better.
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