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How to get a Power Macintosh online ?

Hey everyone,

I've been a PC person for several years now, and last night I went out to my local Salvation Army and picked up my first ever Apple Power Macintosh computer, a 7200/75 (check out this page for what I have - It has a LAN connector in the back of it, and it runs with Mac OS 8.1, but I don't know how to get it online. As far as I know, there's no browser software on it, and I am very new at the Macintosh OS interface and how it operates.

It was sorta cheap ($25 with the keyboard and mouse) and I'm not quite ready to get anything newer than that unless it was cheaper. I have an adapter to work with a PC-based monitor, and I'm able to interact with the OS and such just fine, like as if I were using an Apple monitor.

Can anyone direct to me to a good webpage/tutorial that tells me how to get that machine on a LAN network to get high-speed internet ? Thanks so much.

Don't know if this will help much, but this is what the desktop looks like (I'm pretty sure it's OS 8.1) on the machine. Took me awhile to figure out how to convert it to PC format, but it wasn't that hard. Razz

- Mike.
If you haven't found help yet...
Can you tell us about your LAN?
If you have a router, you simply have too go to the Apple menu, then down to the "Tableau de Bord" don't remenber in english :S
then you set it too DHCP
it should work like that...
if not go to the "Tableau de Bord" Appletalk and verify it doesn't uses Ethernet ...
If it still doesn't work plz give us details
Wow, that's old......! Ok, what are your specs? If you got these requirements: I would very highly recommend upgrading to OS X. OS X is much easier and it's Unix-based so it's better. You probably won't have many problems at all with OS X.

BTW to find out system info click the Apple menu and select About This Computer. To find more detailed info click the Apple menu then select Apple System Profiler.

I don't have an OS 8 system, so I don't know as much about it, but I highly recommend OS X if you got the requirements. If you need more RAM or something try a local computer store (Mac RAM is the same as PC RAM. just make sure you get the right kind.)

good luck! Smile

[edit]If you need more help try the Apple support site at they also have discussion boards there too.

[edit2]I don't know about OS 8, but OS 9 comes with Internet Explorer and there is a version of Mozilla that you can download that is compatible with OS 9.
As far as I know, I believe it has a 75MHz processor in it. From looking online at a few pages, the newest OS that it can run is OS9. I believe that the last person who had that machine upgraded the OS to OS8 from something else before it. I cannot figure out how to get the case open to see inside of it (I don't want to break the thing lol), but, it will be OK if it sits offline. Just was curious on it. Yes, my network runs on a wireless router with 2 8-port switches into it for wired computers.

- Mike.
lol i think kd said "os x" five times in that post
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