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Burning DVD's Using Nero -> what about menu structure?

Hey guys,
I could not find this topic anywhere here and that looks weird, but anyway. I used to burn CD content to VCD for example to see it on my DVD player/TV. Now I'm into burning DVD's from the LOST series I downloaded. It works very wel, I convert via Winavi Video converter and then burn it on the DVD.

But...when burning CD's into VCD I can insert a menu structure with pictures. When burning the DVD I cannot. Is that not possible??? I use Nero 6 to burn my disks.
you can, just take this piece of advice, DONT CONVERT THEM BEFOREHAND Sad WinAVI is nice and all, it converts them for you, but doesnt allow you to create the menu structure, And, I dont know about yours, but My Nero will convert them for me... Now if its RM format, or another format that nero cant read, convert them to AVI or something it can read... Unless your nero version is too old for these functions, which i doubt if it is capable of burning dvd's, it should work fine...
Are you use the Nero Express version of burning? If not, use that. It had a menu creator built in.
It's weird, I thought I could do it with Nero, it is a nice program. But I still do not know how you guys burn directly in Nero. I have Nero Ultra Edition Included is Nero Express, but in Nero express I need ifo, vob and bup files. Which I can only create in WinAvi. Furthermore I cannot see anything in Express that allows me to create a menu. When I do VCD yes, but DVD burning no...

The other comment, when I try to burn the AVI I get like a message saying I need some other program of Nero to convert it...just I do not remember what program it was Laughing

Will it help if I install Nero 7?

BTW thanks already for the comment given!
Well I downloaded Nero 7 Premium and that was a good choice. There I can indeed convert my mpg's/avi's or whatever to DVD and burn it. Moreover I can make the menu like I want it.
If someone is still reading this thread...

FORGET about Nero, honoustly, it s*cks big time. No matter if it is version 6 or 7. It's eating your DVD's like if that's all the program is about...
I have been spending some time looking around the internet (googling) and tried out some things people advised. If you want to burn DVD's from AVI's for example...take Sonic MyDVD Studio deLuxe (latest version). That is an AWESOME program, it is faster than Nero and better...first time right!!! No problems or whatsoever. Okay, now don't expect all done in 1 hour, that's not how it works...including (dynamic) menu. I can add chapters, and so on...It is a program incredible easy to use.

I've already deleted the whole crappy Nero thing. Waste of space...
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