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Tony The Tiger
I would appreciate any visits to my website at . Right now over 87% of my visitors have been from the U.S. Therefore, I especially welcome foreigners who can increase the number of countries represented here:;geo?login=tonythet

I also welcome any comments about how to use php. I am barely scratching the surface. I hope to learn how to customize my forums page and such soon.
Now you got at least one visitor from a foreign country, I'm from sweden. You're site looks ok, it needs some more work on the layout, maby you should try a free template or something. The content are great, easy to navigate and read. Keep up the good work and I'm sure the site will turn out better and better.
Tony The Tiger
What do you mean by a free template.
Tony The Tiger wrote:
What do you mean by a free template.

He means like a free layout or template. You can find one at or or just by searching though google or anoher search website.
I am going to tell you the truth.... You need to work more on that website, the desing of the website is what people look first. If they dont see it interesting, people are just going to close the browser. Like I do lots of time. Wink Wink Wink
Oh man.... What do think with this design... It looks like your site was created ten years ago with front page templamate... Someone sugested you to use template and he was write. If you are not able to creat design by your self, take samo design out of internet.
Arhhh! FRAMES! NOOO!!!!!!!
Yer, I dnt like frames.

Search Up Some Basic CSS Tutorials, it'll set you right Smile Add some color man! Look at your links, they dnt highlight or do nothing, i cnt even tell if im over them or not! Oh well, Good For now...very content rich!

Oh, and remove those crappy .gifs it makes your WEBSITE look like one of those crappy amuture Blogs.

All the Best!
Tony The Tiger
I have been informed that instead of using a new subject I should just add a message to this old one.

Please come check out my new and improved web site. I have added great photos and videos and over the weekend, I think I am going to upgrade my file host to google video.
Now you have another visitor from Australia. Some more colour would be good.
I like the content for the site. No offense but can't really say the same for the site itself. I agree, the gifs do nothing but make it seem unprofessional. Also never use the <blink> tag! argh! And yes, frames are not delightful the way you're using them.
Tony The Tiger
I have added some new videos. Please come visit.
Are you interested in link exchange? I own a skate video site, , you wanna echange bannerz? if interested pm me
Tony The Tiger
warallthetm wrote:
Are you interested in link exchange? I own a skate video site, , you wanna echange bannerz? if interested pm me

I am just beginning to seek sponsorships. I have to determine my marketting strategy. I will get back to you later during the summer when I have a better feel for my marketability.
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