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Wanna see the Irish handle the drink.

Wanna see the Irish handle the drink.

Me in blue shirt.

The question is, is it Guiness in the glass?
Whiskey Embarassed
Whiskey is fun. I like whiskey.

Strong mind, and usually leads to trouble. Especially if that glass you are holding was full to start with.
Irish whiskey or "Scotch" Laughing Laughing
Wasn't my whiskey, it's for the ginger haired guy. After 10 mins of holding it i knocked it back, tasted gud. Couldn't tell you what brand. Drink is drink when you're out.

It's really true. Irish love their drink. I could go out every night to the pub in the week, but it's not a habit. I go out every weekend I get the chance, and my typical night is 4/5 units of alcohol, pub and likely the niteclub too. This is what you see here.
The classic student night out then? I do that quite frequently, it's almost part of the timetable these days. I rarely remember what happened afterwards, but that means it's a good night, eh?
"Drink is drink when you're out."

You're absolutely right. I like that.
The pub is the place to go (",)
I think you might enjoy a visit to Indonesia.
Drinking is the favourite expat past time from what I've seen.

And there's a great Irish bar. You guessed it, it's called Paddy's Laughing Laughing
Irish have a tradition of when we go on holiday we take our culture too. St. Patrick's Day parade, irish pubs, and we also celebrate a pint over anything.

Irish are also record breakers for the amount of tea we drink per year.
I see your still on line Lennon, this is almost like internet chat. Laughing

Yea your right. I used to work with quite a few Irish guys in Sydney, Australia. They all loved a pint.

Can't say I ever saw them drinking tea though. Laughing Laughing Laughing

My best friend was an Irish guy named Jerry, from Belfast.
We kept in touch for a few years after he went back to Ireland, but I haven't heard from him for a while now cause I've moved on too Smile
My bro was in Australia, Thailand and a few other asian countries, just not indonesia. In hot countries it's just not good to be drinking so much, but because we're so mild over here we get used to it.
Sorry Lennon, just went to my local bar for a pint or two...... or 3...or was it 4??. Laughing Laughing Laughing

I was in Aus for quite a few years, not a bad place.

Been in Indo 7 years or so now, a bit strange here actually, but can have a lot of fun here.

Haven't been to Thailand, but I had a Thai girlfreind in Aus for a couple of years. Very nice people the Thais, there are quite a few in Sydney.

What part of Ireland are you from?

I'd love to get over to Ireland and have a pint or 10 with you, but I don't think that's gonna happen in the near future.
If you make it to this part of the world get in touch and I'll show you around Jakarta. Smile
Ireland is wee, and we might just know someone in any Irish local area, you'd be surprised. i'm dublin, louth (dundalk) and mayo (castlebar). you should know dublin, just like i've heard of jakarta, sounds very tropical and exciting.
hope you're still able to read after all that Embarassed
Ah the Irish, they certainly love a jar. Laughing Laughing
Couldn't resist myself. Make sure you check out the alcohol topic (",)
Just had to say that's not the last of me... Just heading out now for another massive party.
Yea, how about a few more pics of your escapades. Smile

You could make it a goal to post a pic of you in every bar in Ireland.

It would sure be fun trying anyway, but make sure you have someone sober to drive you to the next one. After 5 or 6 bars it may be hard to even find the next one.Laughing Laughing
Oh don't worry, I've a few more I could scan in and post up (",)
Ah, drunkeness. Can't say it mixes great with cameras when I'm involved...
nice nice nice pic

you look so cute brother

Aw, shucks Embarassed

No kidding, well I'm waiting for someone else to show me one better, even a photo of empty glasses on the table and tell me what you can manage...
Hmm... I'm going out every night for the next three days, so I'll see if I can get hold of a camera at some point.
Yea, great idea Lennon. How about some pore photos?
"pore", .... is that porn or more.

Close call, but just some pub photo's will do. Cool
Ahh, I think it was meant to be "more".

Maybe a Freudian slip. Laughing Laughing
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