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Linking from a high page rank site

I didnt know where else to put this thread but its just a question on how to get more visitors to one's site. Say if i exchanged links with a site that has a high Page Rank, i would get more hits and would do good for the search engine to find my site. But what if the site that places my link puts just a button rather than a text link. Is there any difference?
Buttons aren't as good as normal links. But it's better than nothing. Especially the anchor text on the link is important. "Lucy Pinder" would be a good link text for a link to your website. You also have to look that the link is direct, I mean that if you put your mouse over the link, your url should show up in the status bar and not a redirect.

PageRank is not the most important factor in ranking websites in google. They still use it, but it isn't what it used to be. Even a 0 PR website can rank before a 8 PR.
However, it does show an impression of the number of links the page has and thus how important the website is.
BTW, the PR is logarithmic. The difference between 0-1 and 1-2 is huge.
"Even a 0 PR website can rank before a 8 PR." is true!Then how is google search rank?
Well, no. And no agian, and more no's.

1: Good luck getting a PR 8 site exchanging links with a PR 0 one
2: Google lists sites almost always in order of PR, a PR 0 will never get a good place on Google.

When you say "links on the page" I assume you mean link popularity. Link popularity determines PR, so yeah, PR is still the prime factor.
Google doesn't use the pr you see. They use a different pr. But that's not the point and it's only a small element of the google rankings.

Sites are ranked for relevancy for the search terms. Site A with 0 (or 1/2) PR can easily outrank site 2 with PR9 if it is more relevant according to google. It can be more relevant if it has more links pointing to it with the keywords you searched for.

Why doesn't Yahoo (strong PR9) outrank Frihost if you search for "Frihost"? Because we are more relevant for that term. Even when we only had a PR of 0 instead of the current PR4.

And yes, of course sites with higher pr will most likely outrank smaller sites, but it depends on what you search for. And you can easily become number1 before a very high pr-site on a non-competitive keyword.

Just do a search and compare the PR of the first ten results and you'll see that you're theory isn't right.
I agree taht it depends on what you search for. For example: If you search for chemistry wallpapers - with pr2 will be first and some single page containing the term chemistry wallpapers from site with pr8 will be second. But search for high competitive terms like hosting or free hosting and you will see pr decrease by order of displaying results.
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