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Feedback please


This is my first site and I'm kinda computer retarded compared to you guys, so try to make me not feel like a complete idiot. Wink

This is for my HS Baseball team, and its obviously still being worked on. I do want to keep it somewhat simple (so its easier for me, and easy for people to navigate around, etc) Let me know what you guys think I should add/ take away/ etc. I am open to all suggestions, especially since I am fairly new to this all. I am using Microsoft Frontpage, because it its simple, quick, and easy to use.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!
It's okay... not bad colours I like.... You should make it more graphical and make the frames not sizble =P I can see you probably did this with a drag n drop progrm... try learning HTML and making it with code.... there are alot of things you cannot do with drag and drop.... go to for refrences, lessons and examples on javavscript HTML XML HTML DOM CSS... all you'll ever need =D
Yeah, the colors are the school colors, so thats the reason I did that. And yes, I used Frontpage which is a drag-n-drop program. I would love to learn all the code, but right now I just dont have much time. I'm taking 19 hours at college, and having to write lots of papers...bleh. I am taking CS 1 here, and we are doing java, so I am learning little by little. I agree that I need more graphics, but I'm not sure what to put in there, so I'm still thinking before i act.

Thanks for the quick feedback.
You should stop using Frontpage, since the code produced is ugly, heavy, and invalid Rolling Eyes

Try a modern WYSIWYG editor instead, like NVU...
it looks a bit plain, try to make a graphic design.
you use just a few frames now, that doesn't look very good.
espacialy when its a baeball team site, you will need a very good atractive header, that will show how good or professional you are.
so try to make a graphic design
i'll take a different approach than the above comments and say that for what it is (a baseball club site) it is actually pretty decent. you are providing the information required in a logical manner, it is layed out well, the content is fine, the colours are decent and the load time is minimal.

sure, you could make a better looking site using dreamweaver or even hand coding it yourslef, but in the end, what is the site for? i think you are already achieving that goal...

just my two cents. Smile
What about picks? Buttons? I can't see anything Sad
Its good for a first try. i culdent really surf the page tho i cant se the buttons
I have found that the buttons dont work with firefox sometimes. I dont really know why. They work fine with IE, but sometimes they dont work with firefox. Does anyone know why this would be? I have allowed everything on the security thing on firefox, and they still dont work.

your buttons in what format are thay ? simpel pure html ones, java ???
The buttons are in java. I'm almost certain it has something to do with the security settings in firefox, but I cant figure out how to make them work.
if it is the security settings in fire fox i tink you shuld switch your java buttons to somting elles coz most ppl surfing whit fire fox wont stop and start fiddeling whit ther security settings just to se your site sorry but thats the truth
Nice site. Very simple.
Maybe some more graphic? Smile
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