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How to get backup from server to my computer

Will I made a backup which was simple. It appears to be a linux backup which makes since because the servers are linux based. But the backup I made is on the server. What is the point in this, because if something was to happen to the server and I needed my backup to restore my files, then I wouldn't have it anyway.

So the question is how do I get the backup to my computer. I tried putting it in the public_html folder and downloading it but it won't let me.
Thanks, Clayton
Shall we assume you mean a Full Backup?

You should've recieved an email with a link to download
Otherwise navigate to your backup page -> Generate/Download Full Backup -> at the top is alist of stored full backups. click to download
If that fails login to ftp and navigate to where it is and download. No need to move it to public_html as you dont want anyone else to get it !
I got a problem I tried twice to download the backup and at somewhere near 80% it says unable to read file and stops working.
as in you clicked download home backup or you are downloading a stored full backup? If the latter have you tried creating a new backup?
The first attempt I had just created a full backup and downloaded it the second time I was downloading the one which was already made.
I went to the backup page but it says

cPanel System Backup is not enabled on this machine. Some other type of backup system may be in place, however downloads cannot be fetched using this module.

Full Backups

Generate/Download a Full Backup
Note: You cannot restore these backups, they can only be restored by your administrator. "

Is that what should be there? And when I did recieve the email telling me the backup was complete but it didn't include a link to download it.
This is the email I get when I make a backup.
pkgacct started.
pkgacct version 4.1 - running with uid 0
using time::hires for speedups
Copying Reseller Config...Done
Copying SSL Certificates, CSRS, and Keys...Done
Copying Mail files....Done
Copying frontpage files....Done
Copying proftpd file....Done
Copying www logs.............
Grabbing mysql dbs............
Grabbing mysql privs...Done
Copying mailman lists....Done
Copying mailman archives....Done
Copying homedir....Done
Copying cpuser file.......Done
Copying crontab file.......Done
Copying quota info.......Done
Storing Subdomains....
Storing Parked Domains....
Storing Addon Domains....
Copying password.......Done
Copying shell.......Done
pkgacctfile is: /home/backup-2.8.2006_03-11-23_coolclay.tar.gz
Creating Archive ....Done
md5sum is: 46cb4c39478d3d8782dd113cd6701580

There is nothing with a link. I am helpless and lost.
When I go to the backup page and click generate/dowload full backup. It has the backup I made listed, but when I click on it I get this error message.
"530 Authentication Failed, Sorry"
Do you have an ftp program installed? Normally the backup is placed in the root directory. You could then download it with ftp and most ftp programs are able to resume downloads if they were aborted due to some reason (disconnect, ...).
Awesome that worked I had never used ftp before because it seemed really hard to use, but now that I figured it out it is no that hard, and I was able to download my backup with ftp. I also found a great free ftp manager called smartftp. It is completely free and pretty easy to use.
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