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Indian scientists find answers that eluded Einstein

February 07, 2006 17:50 IST

Indian scientists have achieved what has proved to be an illusive dream for Albert Einstein and generations of physicists.

They have found and proposed an experimental test for the quantum theory of gravity, the first step to unify the forces of nature that rule the universe on a large scale and the quantum forces that govern the atomic world.

"These effects can be observed and is an important step because validating quantum gravity is a necessary step in having a unified theory of forces of nature, which has been the cherished goal of generations of scientists, including Einstein," Dr Pankaj Joshi of the Tata Institute of Fundmental Research, one of the senior authors of the work published in the January 27 issue of Physical Review Letters said in Mumbai Tuesday.

The Indian team is now banking on the upcoming experiments like the Extreme Universe Space Observatory, to be launched by the European Space Agency in 2010, which could help provide a test for the prediction.

After the findings are proved, the scientists would have the real clue about obtaining a full quantum theory of gravity (unification of all forces of nature). It also implied that there can be no naked singularity (a region of infinite density, where a spoonful of matter weighs infinitely heavy), when a star dies and shrinks, or when its stellar fuel is exhausted. It also said Black Holes would not form when stars die in gravitational collapse. The co-authors included Joshi's doctoral student, Rituparna Goswami of TIFR and Parampreet Singh of Pennsylvania State University

Their work showed that a collapsing star did not turn into a black hole or a naked singularity. However, instead it throws away all its matter in the form of an explosive burst, which would look like a flash or fireball in the sky. As such the mathematical solutions to the equations of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity predict the existence of Black Holes as well as naked singularities.

"But that does not mean that these objects occur in the Universe. What we have found is when we apply laws of the quantum theory to Einstein's mode, both the Black Hole as well as Naked Singularity are dispensed, and instead, a burst occurs in the final stages of collapse of the dying star," Joshi said.

The work builds on an extensive study of gravitational collapse of dying stars, that has been carried out at TIFR over past two decades by Joshi and his co-workers. The Loop Quantum Gravity theory, a leading contender for quantum gravity theory, is used here to prove that exploding stars have a distinct observable signature.

A dying star dims before emitting ultra-high energy rays, which could be in the form of neutrino particles travelling close to velocity of light, high-energy Gamma rays, or other forms of a strong burst of radiation such as super-energy cosmic rays, induced by the quantum gravity effects.

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Looks quite official. however, there have been many very intelligent theories placed that attempt to descrive the total unified theory, quantum gravity, but there's always a gap in the theory where it fails. hopefully this has made it, but if there's a failing in this new theory, it'll still help our understanding closer to the total unified theory.
Lennon wrote:
Looks quite official.

manumiglani wrote:

Indian scientists have achieved what has proved to be an illusive dream
Any scientific publication has strong accurate points. the illusion is like gold to alchemists - fame for the one to crack it, but just like faraday's theorem which was proved 200 yrs later, this theory is ready for cracking out of it's egg.
Quantum Gravity unifies Quantum Mechanics and Gravity considering Eistein's General Relativity Theorem.Quantum mechanics experiments are Mathematical rather than Emperical.Gravity hasnt found Dimension untill now.So the way Indian Scientist moving might Create new Platform for Emperical expression of Quantum mechanics considering dimensions of Gravity.Congratulations and Best of luck to them!!!
Quantum Loop Gravity is only one of several approaches to adding quantising gravity. Most attempts to do it end up with a lot of infinities, and there are many competing theories (for example, string theory which is also more famous). The paper has not found a unified theory of everything, but made some approximations based on existing theories, and applied them to the formation of a black hole. The most exciting thing for me is that they think that the results are experimentally testable, which most quantum gravity predictions are not.

The abstract of the paper reads:
We investigate here quantum effects in gravitational collapse of a scalar field model which classically leads to a naked singularity. We show that nonperturbative semiclassical modifications near the singularity, based on loop quantum gravity, give rise to a strong outward flux of energy. This leads to the dissolution of the collapsing cloud before the singularity can form. Quantum gravitational effects thus censor naked singularities by avoiding their formation. Further, quantum gravity induced mass flux has a distinct feature which may lead to a novel observable signature in astrophysical bursts.

If people want to read the actual paper, it is available as a pre-print from the archive:
This is indeed quite interesting...

I don't know that greatly about quantum physics but I can determine that the research that is being revised will surely help to broaden the way many scientists think.

Hmm.. Who knows?

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