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Steam - So many upgrades = Lag

Well guys I don't know if you like the game Counterstrike:Source or not. But yeah...I play it a considerable amount, It's got much better graphics than the 1.6 version and much more smooth game play.

I'm actually in an online clan FuBaR-4 and always play on their server TPG FuBaR " De_Dust4EvA ". If you like the game as well you should play on this server, but be warned many other clans play here as well so it's not a nOoB server.

Online gaming was fine until these last couple of months. Steam seemed to release a whole heap of updates for the game, which made a whole lot of difference to graphics. The game seemed to lag a little and my video card heated up very fast.

Wonder if anyone else has experienced the same problems from this

Oh well ...might just have to upgrade my 512kps connection and face another fan at my graphics card.
I have the same issue. Sometime I like to play 10-15 minutes
while waiting for something but theres always a patch preventing
me to do a quick play.

Haven't played a month, must wait 30 minutes before playing.
Thats really going crazy.

Just hope those fix are going to banned some kiddies hacker.
(I just hate been shot through a wall in Dust 2).
that problem must be over nowadays because steam now knows when you are playing. It's a small thingie but now it will only auto-update when not playing for example counter strike

this is the post:
Source Engine

* HTTP downloads from the game server system support downloading .bz2-compressed files
* Disable old style (non-challenged) server queries by default (use the sv_enableoldqueries cvar to change this behavior)
* Added cvar tv_delaymapchange to delay map changes caused by frag/time limit until the whole game is broadcasted via SourceTV
* Fixed lag compensation invalidating bone cache for players moved back in time.
* Fixed lag compensation interpolation error between 2 ticks

Half-Life 2

* Fixed some NPC actions not being properly randomized

SourceTV (part of the Source Dedicated Server)

* Fixed memory leak in relay servers by releasing receive tables correctly
* Bandwidth output in tv_status in kB/sec rather than bytes/sec
* Running a new map command (spawning a server) shuts down TV relay in same process
* Fixed SourceTV chase cam following ragdolls of dead secondary targets
At least we're getting DOD : S for free now (just 3 days Rolling Eyes).
As long as the steam updates are doing a good thing rather than wasting my memory I'll be happy.

cloudi83 wrote:

Oh well ...might just have to upgrade my 512kps connection and face another fan at my graphics card.

Im surprised you've been playing at this age of internet connection without broadband.

Im a regular cs:s player but ive been playing TFC most recently.
Yeah. Steam is ok, but it lags! Hell it lags. Give us something else. (I really dont like the steam-program running on my machine)
But go valve. Valve is good!
the way to cut lag is to ban users with high latency.
Steam will auto-update if uou let it start when windows start. I'll never let steam start that way. Thats why I have usually a tons of update to do.

I don't think its a great idea to let steam use memory "in case of" update.

When I want to play CCS, I now start Steam the morning so I will be able to play during the day. Smile
i think steam is a good program
I hate steam so much..I think it is one of the worst coded pieces of software I have ever encountered...besides Windows =P
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