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WOW >> Idea for Casual Content. Kinda Long

What if we could receive epic items a little bit at a time.

Here is what I mean. Lets take weapons for example. What if there was a line of quests that allowed you to receive a weapon in multiple stages. Each stage the weapon would become upgraded a little bit.
For instance the quest could start out fairly simple such as someone wants you to collect certain items for them and they will construct a bow for you.

Now at this stage the bow would be a simple gray item, nothing real special but its just the start. Now you go to the next stage. Maybe he sends you to talk with someone who can modify the bow for you. This person would have you complete a more difficult quest than the first one but once finished he would then modify the bow by placing some stats on it.

Now it becomes a green item. Then the next modification would make it a blue item then purple. Of course this last step would have to be fairly difficult. Maybe a 15 man raid or something along those lines. But something like this would give someone the feeling of achievement over time. The same feeling they got while leveling their character up to 60.

This would have to be something that would take quite a while to complete but the main thing here is that this is something that anyone could complete without having to hit the huge raid.

I’m a pretty casual player but I can handle running in a 15 to 20 man raid. The difference is I don’t have to run the same raid over and over for months to get an item.

I would have various things to do over that time span to keep me entertained and it wouldn’t feel like such a grind. As the quests progressed they would become more complex.
There could even be different choices offered such as appearance. You could have a bow made out of wood or bone or whatever. It would be based on the items that were collected.

Different stats could be offered based on different items. Maybe certain gems would give different combinations of stats. This would make the item feel a little more unique. Of course eventually there would be one of each combination floating around but you would actually have some control over what you receive.

Something like this could keep me busy for a long time. Especially if there were multiple weapons and armor available.

So does anyone else think this would be fun? Or am I the only one Sad
Have you posted this on the wow suggestion forums?
I really like your idea. Actually, today I was talking with a coworker and he said that there was a hunter epic quest that was similar to what you're saying. He said something about combining a staff with a bow to make it better. I think he was mixed up. I checked up on thottbot and it seems like he was talking about the Rhok'delar, but the Rhok'delar is made by combining a staff and a sinew which drops off of Onyxia.

As to the part about different appearances, I think technologically that Blizzard has issues with changing appearances of items. I think I saw a while ago a suggestion asking for dyes to change the color of armor. A board moderator said that to change the colors they would have to go back and redo all the armor coloring in the game. I can only imagine what a nightmare that would be for fairly little increase in gameplay. I think it has to do with identifying which sections of the armor coloring should be able to change. I think you'd have to stick to only being able to get certain items.

Over all I think this is a great idea though. It's highly repeatable content, that doesn't involve lots of people in one place to crash the servers. It has broad appeal. Oh, as an afterthought though, have you considered people possibly exploiting it? For instance getting a bunch of buddies together and kind of powerleveling you through the quests?
You should check the upcomming changes that blizzard are planning to impliment. They are finally starting to see that there are alot of casual gamers that don't have time to dedicate hours of there time into MC/BWL etc etc.
Play a warrior, they have a few quests that are exactly like that.
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