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so what you thing???

hi, I need help.

there made under firefox 1.5, linux(ubuntu) 1250*750. and I have no othre system. so, is there anything who disturb or anything else?? (print screen is great).

Ok here i go:

1. u really didnt think about the overall color scheme, there is none just some random colors put to use

2. the header is a little bit too big, if u insist to have such a big header atleast use the space it offers, its empty

3. the picture is UGLY i mean come on, no saturation but whats worse no contrast whatsoever and the borders are too sharp (noisy) which is even made worse with the line pattern in the backround

4. line pattern in the background, yes the one already mentioned pattern it makes it even worse than it already is, if u really want to use a pattern there try other colors less contrastive, this just noize the label as well as the picture too much

5. justification, the elements under the header are floating without purpose, left column is too low, center column is farhter from the left column than from the right column...

6. When u are doing design with bright bacground try to avoid bright colors in foreground the color used on "Par elekis, dimanche 5 février 2006 à 11:11" is not a good choice.

7. I would try not to use white background and gray fonts or gradients with gray, it creates this "wash out" effect :/

I hope i helped. Wink
could you post a screenshot of what you see please.

just to see if it 's the same vision of mine.


elekis wrote:
could you post a screenshot of what you see please.

just to see if it 's the same vision of mine.



Screenshot of ur web?

BTW I use Mozilla
yes tanks,thats what I wanted

I agree with what sappho said appart from:

I like the grey isnt difficault to read, and looks less "in your face" than black
It is far to large to fit on many people's screens. Sizing the graphics down a bit would help a lot.
I like the overall look to it but agree that it must be downsized (by alot)
I think scrolling should be avoided as much as possible, especially horizontal.
Is your website anything like a blog? If you're making a blog, look at some of the other blogs out there and the premade layouts. Use odd colors like brown and blue together, blue as the text color and brown for part of the background. Try to make your graphics a little more attractive. Anti-alias them. Bring them up to date. Scrap the patterns. Find a nice background with some flare in it and merge it into the background. Try to make your website look like it has a meaning, a purpose. If you aren't very good at creating graphics, consider doing some tutorials for whatever program you're using. I don't think Adobe Photoshop runs on Linux, though, does it? I guess you're probably using the Gimp. Anyway, Clearly outline the important parts and sections of your website. Your site should be clear, sharp (as in precise), but not blurry. Blurry textboxes and images should be minimized. Avoid horizontal scrolling at all costs, because not all mice support it, and some would rather not be bothered with it. Take a thumbnail of your screenshot and link to it to have it open in a new window instead.

That's what I "thing".
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