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How to test Frontpage Website on your computer?

I tried Personal Web Server 4 and it gave me the virtual server http://chetan/ on my computer but when I try to publish my website from Frontpage on the virtual server it says the domain does not have frontpage extensions installed. I also installed Frontpage server extensions 2000 but it didnt work? Please help me to test my frontpage XP made website offline.
Manus et Therion
This works for me. Open your internet browser (I use Internet Explorer) and use File->Open to click on the Index.htm file. If all your links are correct, it will work.

Or, from within Frontpage, go to File->Preview in Browser. Keep in mind that some features will never work unless on a server that supports Frontpage tags, so you won't see your hit counter and other unique features - just trust that those will work once on a Frontpage ready server.
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