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sailing? windsong's maiden voyage (disaster!)

anybody here like to sail?

I have sailed many times in the past as a kid, but recently a friend and myself got serious and bought a catamaran.

The maiden voyage of Windsong was a bit of a disaster... I will explain, but Greeny and I learnt three important facts that day:

We can't sail for shite.

Don't trust 10 year old ropes.

We can't sail for shite.

Setting off in high spirits, we had only traveled for 10 meters when an almighty BANG! was heard, then the main sail began a quick decent to the deck of the boat! Having no clue what had happened, we turned downwind and using what small amount of sail was left, headed to the nearest shore.

The culprit was the thin rope that held the main sail to the stay. It had clean snapped in two!

After a quick re-tie, it wasn't long before we were back in business and heading into open waters again when another almighty BANG! was heard, and the main sail began another downward journey to the deck!

Same problem as before, only this time the knot that my experienced sailing hands had tied, had simply come undone!

Another re-tie (this time I let Greeny handle it) and we headed off again.

Sure enough, BANG! and the all too familiar sight of a crumpled main sail in a heap at the bottom of the mast was before us.

This time we wizened up to the problem and doubled the rope upon itself, therefore giving double the strength, that was my theory anyway.

We finally got sailing proper, and heading almost straight into the wind we even managed to get on one keel for a time!

Pretty soon, however it became apparent that we would need to turn (or 'tack' as real sailors would say), if we didn't want to plow straight into some rich bastards 36 foot cruiser. We tacked (or tried to) We went over. I swallowed a good portion of the Georges River. Windsong drifted off upside down without us. We swam after it. It drifted further away. We swam faster. We caught it. We sucked.

So that was our first experience with sailing and make no mistake, we sucked!

Luckily I got a lot of it on film, check it out at my site:

Anybody else got similar sailing disaster stories?

And anybody like to teach me how to tack? That would be sweet!

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