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Setting a default of a registration option.

I have a major thorn in my side. I have installed the Spelling cow mod to my PHP forum and there is a setting in users profile that enables autospell checking your posts.

Ive noticed that some users have their pop up blocker settings Uber high and it pretty much eats their post.

I am trying to find a way to change that setting to default to no instead of the status quo of yes. Where and how would I change this setting a hefty sum of 20 fribucks for the one who steers me clear of this problem.

Ill supply any php code you may need because honestly I dont know where to start.

Thanks in advance, Xeon
that`s pretty simple. I can`t exactly tell you where to change because i hate phpBB Very Happy, but that`s a html setting... i suppose they are radio buttons so it would be something like:

<input type="radio" name="setting" value="yes" checked>

well its been a while but i believe i have found the problem and willing to share the results in case some searches for a similar problem.

To specify the problem: I wanted to change the default option of a users registration. Specifically to turn off an annoying auto spellcheck option granted to me by the spelling cow mod.

another note this is while usein phpbb.

I found that the file you want to alter is ../includes/usercp_register.php

look for the group of coding that goes:

   if ( $mode == 'register' )
      $attachsig = ( isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['attachsig']) ) ? ( ($HTTP_POST_VARS['attachsig']) ? TRUE : 0 ) : $board_config['allow_sig'];

      $allowhtml = ( isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['allowhtml']) ) ? ( ($HTTP_POST_VARS['allowhtml']) ? TRUE : 0 ) : $board_config['allow_html'];
      $allowbbcode = ( isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['allowbbcode']) ) ? ( ($HTTP_POST_VARS['allowbbcode']) ? TRUE : 0 ) : $board_config['allow_bbcode'];
      $allowsmilies = ( isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['allowsmilies']) ) ? ( ($HTTP_POST_VARS['allowsmilies']) ? TRUE : 0 ) : $board_config['allow_smilies'];
// SPELLINGCOW - begin
      $spellcheck = ( isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['spellcheck']) ) ? ( ($HTTP_POST_VARS['spellcheck']) ? TRUE : 0 ) : TRUE ;


say for instance the value i want to change is user_autospell so i want to point this section out:

// SPELLINGCOW - begin
      $spellcheck = ( isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['spellcheck']) ) ? ( ($HTTP_POST_VARS['spellcheck']) ? TRUE : 0 ) : TRUE ;

this is where they set the default setting .. if you notice ealier in the code they pull the default setting from the database entry board_config. I guess the authors of the Spelling Cow didn't deem it neccessary for this to be a changeable selection so they just force the entry on by default by setting the entry to 'TRUE' so I simply set the setting to false like so:

// SPELLINGCOW - begin
      $spellcheck = ( isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['spellcheck']) ) ? ( ($HTTP_POST_VARS['spellcheck']) ? TRUE : 0 ) : FALSE ;

I did register a new user to test and this method DOES work. Hopefully this technique will assist other friHost users using phpBB working with custom mods fix any authors who 'FORCE' registration options upon your valued registered users.

an after though:
The Spelling Cow is not really a bad mod.. It allows your users to automatically spell check their posts. Also it adds a spell check buttion to the post screen (which is actually what I was gunning for). But actually the auto checker was causing problems with my registered users using pop-up blockers. Usually when people are questionable about an option they usually keep it set to the default. Of course not knowing the full happenings it was a bad option to 'NOT' to change. This actually has detracted a few users AWAY from my board. Hopefully detailed instructions on how to change the default options that are not changeable through your ACP will benefit another friHost member.

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