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starting a business (leagal maybe) help.

Is this a good idea?
yah, it could work
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you are nuts
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first off sorry but this is something I added to another post in a different top, but it doesnt really fit there anymore.
This "crazy" idea of mine would be like a part time job. My own custom built computer store. Now to be realistic I know that it takes work to do something like this, and money. I figure that if I start off with getting help and pace this out then it might happen. Also I would be making this only for local areas due to me being a single person and not wanting to make a cross country store.(If it turns out well and Im able to keep it going maybe.... just maybe...)

I know that I will need help on this part, so if any of you have started your own business please help me out here. (Im not sure about any links that I have posted or whether If im correct about what I need, thus me asking if someone knows weither Im on track or not)

To start off I would be a sole proprietor. I know its the easy one to have and I dont think there is any cost for its self. The only thing that I dont really like about it, is, as far as I know, there isnt a way to be separated from the business. Meaning if it goes down in flames, so do I...
Anyways, I know that I need a DBA(Doing Business As. Im not sure but I think this is the form, please correct me if Im wrong,

Then I also know that I would need a sellers permit(I think is the right one... and to get that I think I need this(

Now some things that Im 100% That I dont know.
-One, is there a different permit(or what ever) that lets me get the wholesale price from companies, or is that just with the sellers permit?
-Two, because I wont have any employes I dont have to even think about those forms right?
-Three, are there any forms that I have to fill out to have a business online?
-Four, how do taxes work out for something like this?

If you read all that, and know that Im either going over my head or that Im forgetting something, etc, please help me out.
I'm not familiar with the US legal system, since I'm Irish, but just a word of advice.

I've been a salesperson for computers. We sold assembled PC's like Hewlett Packard where the computer comes with a predetermined spec.
There were customers coming in with lists of specs and prices from Dell, and no matter how hard I tried to compete with the Dell prices, there were too many business overheads and limits of choice to compete against Dell, and I found out the hard way that Custom Built PC's belong only to the Dell territory, and anyone who thinks they can challenge Dell in a business store environment has to do some serious marketing.
I already do that to some extent. I just pass it around by word of mouth that I can do such things. Then I get into contact with someone who wants a custom built PC and just do it for them for the price of parts and $50 for labor. I do not worry about the government: it dosen't know I'm doing this, as far as I'm concerned it dosen't need to know.

One helpfull tip:
Nobody can beat the name brands for economy PC's, but if you want a PC built with something other than just the absolute cheapest parts a custom built one will be cheaper. Therefore you should specialize in high-end PC's.
well I allready have build a few computers for a few people but one of the main reasons why I would want the licence and such is so that I cna get he parts cheaper....

Well by the fact that not many people have posted, I assume that poeple just dont know the answers to my question. So... Im chainging it abit... Does anyone know where I could go to ask?
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