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Which scripts are the most useful to learn?

for awhile i've been wondering which spricpts are the most useful to learn. I learnt the baisic and some other bits of html which is pretty simple, but then when you look at C++ or CSS they seem very confusin and difficult to learn im sure over time you will get better but i was just wonderin which ones you reccomend to learn and any tips on how to oh and also maybe a good site to learn from.??

Get a good grasp of HTML, then move on to CSS - CSS is alot easier to learn than it looks, it took me about a month to get a good grasp on it. Then you should move on to either PHP and MySql, or ASP and PostgreSql. You could also think about learning JavaScript, but I don't think it's really necessary. It can seem daunting to learn a new language, but it usually ends up being easier than you thought it would be.
Yup...learn CSS...its incredibly simple...infact, its probably as easy to learn as html...took me about 1 day from when i started reading tutorials till when I could start experimenting with CSS myself...


If you wanna make pages which look cool...& cool linkmenus etc...


The basics (what you need to be able to do cool things) are pretty simple again...a couple of weeks reading and experimenting and you should have mastered them...

If you wanna make dynamic forums, shoutboxes, userlogin, counters, stats, profil pages etc.

PHP & MySQL is my recomendation although several alternatives excist...

This is more difficult...though once again the basics are "graspable" for anyone who is serious about learning the stuff...Expect a month of messing about or so before you are fully able to write your own useful scripts.

This is also easier to learn if you have a decent knowledge of another scripting langauge (ie. javascript or vbsciprt or c++)

As for C++

Dont worry...if you only know wont be needing any c++ stuff for a while...Very Happy

Hope this helped

I think you can learn some html and firework to build your sites,You can design your sites use firework,Then use it to split the photo to html files,Then you can edit html to fit you require!This can avoid learn css,Because firework can help you to do something!
When you want to build a dynamic sites,You must learn some script like php or asp,It's very easy to learn than c++,I think so! Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz
i have a different opion on learning than most people i guess. I have books and scripts writen out and all. But thats because i've really got into all this scripting and stuff. But when you first start out i feel you should just jump in. Don't try and learn on some structured program.. You won't retain the information because you'tre not really seeing it in action. Get a webspace like this one. FREE... And think up an idea. Now you wanna know how to do it? Chances are the question has already been answered somewhere on the web. Do searches for the information on the subject you are looking for. Like for me I wanted to build a news/comment system.. I didn't go look for cute news or anything like that, and just paste it onto my site. I looked at cutenews, but i was reading the codes and trying to figure out what part did waht and looked on sites like and used that as a reference to see what each part of the code was doing. Or I would go to PHP sites and pull away parts of code that i thought would be useful. I then put all this together and came up with my own news system. Which ithink is a really great one at that.. This method of learning i believe is so much better than going to find a book reading it andthen trying to go do it. You'll never remember all of it. and in most cases you'll try and use parts of the stuff you read where you don't even need it. just because you saw it in the book... so try this way and once you start getting proficent then go buy the books and read through them. Works out a lot better in my belief.
For most webdesign, I would have to agree with Lukeaka up there. First and foremost, knowing HTML by heart is extremely important. Even if you don't use it to do most of your layout, it's extremely important to know. You need to be able to not spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make a new paragraph whenever you need one, etc.

I would then move on to CSS. It makes things pretty, even if most of it's applications are static, and pretty is what rules the web.

Then, of course, there's Javascript. Javascript lets you do all the little dynamic things which make users remember your site for something other than prettiness.

Once you've gotten a hold of the basics, powerful websites are going to require server-side scripting like PHP or Java. PHP is MUCH simpler to learn and to implement than Java, but if you're trying to swing it in the big leagues, I think you'll find Java extremely useful.

So, as a basic list, I think you should go, in order:

Don't worry about C++.

As for trying to learn these various things: I would suggest going to online sources like for the simpler things like HTML and CSS, even Javascript. Those are pretty simple to grasp, and I would suggest going cheap. However, as for PHP, Java, and C++, I would go books. I love PHP for Dummies, but I can't recommend Java for Dummies, personally. As for C++, I haven't touched it.

On a personal note, I'm not too into the pretty of webdesign. I personly rank the above scripts in the above order:


At least I agree on two points, eh?
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