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[Real Madrid]

I'm from Spain, I live in Barcelona, but my heart lives in Madrid... Razz

How many supporters of Real Madrid CF are here?
I'd like all of you, but this is impossible!

aRSeNaL, We WiLL RoCK You!! Twisted Evil
omg, i don't believe that you are living in Barcelona and you are supporting Real... it's impossible for me...

you must have small problem with barca fans Wink really...

but it;s ok that you are supporting your best club which are you really like... now only true fans do that...
aeroX wrote:
I'm from Spain, I live in Barcelona, but my heart lives in Madrid... Razz

How many supporters of Real Madrid CF are here?
I'd like all of you, but this is impossible!

aRSeNaL, We WiLL RoCK You!! Twisted Evil

I thought you said you are a Real fan? But you say arsenal "will rock you"? Both crap anyway Smile.
hi i'm from philippines, i am also a big fan of Real Madrid FC. Arsenal doesn't have a chance to win. lol.
Real Madrid is really a nice club, they have such a nice history !
But my favourite club atm is Club Brugge from Belgium, we are currently loaning Javier Portillo from Real Madrid, He rocks Wink

greets Bengt

i do not like real madrid

i think it is too....

i do not know how to say


i do not like it
I am a big FCB-Fan and happily looking forward for tonights game against Chelsea. Rolling Eyes

What I wanted to say is that even though I really am a Barca-fan I felt some kind of compassion with the Real Madrid fans when FC Barca visited them last november in Barnabeu stadium. Very Happy
Real Madrid is a good team and all, but they are not as good as barcelona. Barcelona could beat any team in the world. They're sick nasty bnot like real madrid which they are just good
real madrid athletes are in fact very skillful and talented, most of their players are the best from different country, beckham from england, zidane from france, robinho from brazil, ronaldo from brazil, and the rest....

Imagine the team that has most of their players are well known athletes in the world? you might think who could stand in that team? But it's reverse now you will ask yourselves how could the dreamteam win? what would they do to win?

A lot of people now doesn't like them anymore, they are considered useless athletes...
I like them both Very Happy They both a really good team (arsenal and real madrid).
I thought real madrid was the best team in the world because of all those players they got but recently they lost againts Arsenal!! it was 1-0 to arsenal or something in the first game then about 2 weeks later or something Arsenal vs real madrid again and guess what? They drew and then real madrid got kicked out of the tourtament Sad
wts the real i heared just abou barca
who is not support barca "the golding world team"
It looks like Reals slim title hopes are over after another defeat. They have done well in the league lately but I have to say Mallorca deserved to win last night.

Real took a deserved lead in the first half but nothing much else happened but the second half was very entertaining and Mallorca played some really good football. I thought the penalty was harsh but they still deserved a goal though. They deserved the second goal too and looked like the only team who wanted to win. Real had no passion or belief and it looks like their title hopes are over now Very Happy
Even though they suck, I still like them. Were the Yankees of Europe.
All the big stars no chemistry. All offense no defense. Ronaldo has gotten fat. Beckham stinks the joint up, Robinho overrated and we lost Figo.
WE are second fiddle in Spain
I'm Real Madrid Fan. Real will play again for the title next year.
Some time ago Real was really good. I don't know what happened to them. They don't play well now
Real Madrid is one of the soccer giants in Europe, if not the world. Sad to say, this team which used to be one of the dominant power in the soccer arena is now a pale shadow of its glorious days. Yes, in terms of cash and riches, it is currently the richest club in the world. One glance at the names of the players it has, we can easily spot at least 5 players that are so famous that everyone tom dick harry on the streets can name. So what exactly is wrong with Real Madrid. Given its impressive array of talents (Zidane, Ronaldo, Raul, Robinho, Casillas) and abundance of riches, it is impossible to imagine that such a team is not dominating europe.

I personally think its got to do with the management of Real Madrid. Starting with the chairman. With a chairman, whose priority is to generate cash but not for the love of soccer. Buying players for their advertising and economic value instead of for the good of the team. Yes....famous players do have talent, but do they suit the style of the team???? Well, instead of recruiting players to enhance the team's style, players are bought in for their economic value instead looking at enhancing the entire balance of the team. N with such importancea and emphasis placed on star players, do you think managers of the team will have the power to handle and manage the ego of these players?

Well well, lets hope one fine day, the love and passion of football will once again graze the fields and hearts of Madrid. Hopefully one fine day, this great sleeping giant of football with rise up and shake up the soccer arena once more. Cheers!!! Smile
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