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Point System

I dont no if you guys like it but i dont like the point system Reasons Why:

1. What if people go on holiday and forget to tell FH about it to stop there points it may end up for them to get there host terminated

2. Its not always possible for people to get on to there computer because what if it breaks/internet gets cut of or any other reason there points will be still been taking away when its not there fault

Thnks Please Take Time To Read My Post

Dean A.K.A NG
Hmmmmmmm! Never though of that. But I know I wont have that much of the problem.

I think there can be a work around in case of the situation arrised. I would think if it happends to me to the point that I cant get on the internet to post here at the forum because I lost connection to the internet. It shouldnt drop my point to -20. Because, if it does drop that far then there will be a problem. Incase if I am going on vacation for more than a few weeks. I guess, I would keep my point to the max, then when I come back start postng again to put my point back.
A couple of things about that.
Bondings deletes people that don't post at all before he deletes ones that are under points. And everyone that i know pretty much has a computer. I am sure you could use that or even one at a libary. You could explain what happend and they would probley understand.
There's no pause, just gain enough points, then make a backup.

Abuse, that's what we don't want.
n0obie4life wrote:
There's no pause, just gain enough points, then make a backup.

Abuse, that's what we don't want.

YEP! In so many words. Very Happy
It would be nice if no points were deducted for an inactive account.
For examples:
- If the server was crashed an entire day deduct no points.
- If the account has already reached -20 points, it should stop losing points.

In these situations points would be deducted for no reason.
I travel a lot, and I don't always have internet access. Sometimes I can take my laptop, but I don't have satellite internet access, so I'd be forced to find a place that can let me connect. This is usually hard to find on most small islands. I think you should increase the maximum number of points to at least 60. A good alternative to the point system would be to count the number of updates made on the site, and log guest activity to determine if the site is being actively updated and read. Don't let the computer automatically delete accounts though, still do it by hand. Computers can produce wrong results once in a while. Try to contact the person with the account in question via email and or a personal message (and would work there) before any deleting of files, and if this is not possible in a set number of days (about a month, for example) and the account passes judgement, then the account shall be deleted, and creators, once again, notified. This is probably the best system. Most web hosts use this method, and it works very well. Don't ask me about the details.
ocalhoun wrote:
- If the account has already reached -20 points, it should stop losing points.

We need to see their inactiveness level, as long as you have an account, it will be deducted, and deducted.

This suggestion is going nowhere anyway, as we totally don't allow people to "suspend" their accounts as "they are going for holiday, which we have no idea if it's true or not".

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