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Arctic Monkeys are quality!!!

Hiya peeps,
Has anyone else fell in love with the arctic monkeys (not literally), i bought there album the other day and i can't stop listening to it, it is pure amazing music.
There debut album is the fastest selling ever, it beat the beatles in a week.
How cool is that!

What is everybodies favourite arctic monkeys song?

I like Scummy and Settle for a Draw
This has to be the best out album for a long time. I have been waiting for it for ages.

Not only is the music excellent, but the lyrics are inspired also.

I would love to see them live.
a like 'a certain romance' from monkeys .. and , of course .. 'i bet that u...' and 'when the sun...' they have a great album !
also i like bloc barty .. killers .. arcade fire .. mtv2 rullz ! Razz Very Happy
my favorite song is when the sun goes down, im not really a fan, I havent really listened to the album, But my cousin has it, I might borrow it sometime
Did any of you hear the cover of Girls Aloud's "Live Machine" I think it is genius.

They make me dance like Franz and there is not pretention!
yeh amazing stuff

riot van and re lights are my favs

ive been listening to these for ages!
jeremoi wrote:
Did any of you hear the cover of Girls Aloud's "Live Machine" I think it is genius.

They make me dance like Franz and there is not pretention!

I don't like girls aloud, Wait ur canadian, How can u have heard of Artic Monkeys or Girls Aloud Confused
lols. dont bash canadian music - the arcade fire rules. but anyway, arctic monkeys is some good stuff. "i bet you look good on the dancefloor" is my fav.
arcade fire are better than the artic monkeys.. the monkeys are over rated and hyped here in the Uk...ID much rather see arcade fire !
saw these live the other week!

were amaizng but missed out some class songs like mardy bum - still spose its made me wanna see them again even more.!

arcade fire are another class band, i would defentily check them out if you havent already. they got a new single out which is killer.
I like the "Sunset View" or something. It goes slow at the start... Then part of the lyrics is:
"He's a scumbag don't you know... I said he's a scumbag don't you know"
*guitar play* - this part rocks
*guitar + drum* - the best part

Very Happy
I got the album and my fave song is Riot Van tis good, and tony, i'm not "bashing" canadian music as I am a fan of Billy Talent and Sum41
About my previous post, the song title is actually When The Sun Goes Down. Smile
I agree with everyone there when I say that the Arctic Monkeys are great. I've only recently got into them and particularly like When The Sun Goes Down as I reckon it sounds similar to Franz Ferdinand.

I dare say I'll end up getting their album before long.
Personally I now officially don't like the Arctic Monkeys.

Previously I'd just not cared about their existance, as they sounded just like a lot of other second rate bland indie productions I'd been hearing of late.

But with all the hype and the fact that they were given three NME awards, that should mean that they should have a lot more to them than they do. Once again it's just an example of a band only getting to where they are because radio stations have decided they need to promote another band that can seem edgy without ever really offending anyone or saying anything worthwhile.

The Arcade Fire however, are great! Laughing
why does everyone hate them now?

its not really there fault that they got popular a bit to quick! - and they didnt ask to win the nme awards
anxiety1 wrote:
why does everyone hate them now?

its not really there fault that they got popular a bit to quick! - and they didnt ask to win the nme awards

It may not be 'their fault' but they certainly didn't help themselves with their ego driven acceptance speeches.

My point was that I've never liked their music since before they were a big thing and my friend was trying to make me get into this band she'd recently discovered. Now that they are popular they have even more to prove because of the hype around them, they may not have asked for it but that's the situation they're in.
i have heard when the sun goes down and i dont like it.. too ordinary and boring. i dont know why.
Fave song from the Artic Monkeys has got to be Mardy Bum :p it rocks! Badly want to see them in concert!
wow - ive listened to a lot more of this band's music since i made the post earlier. they have great depth in that they have many high-quality songs. i love the catchy rhythms, intelligent lyrics, and audible vocals.
I like them. They aren't over hyped around here, but all my friends listen to them because we all share CDs when we find new music. But really I've never heard of anyone outside my group of close friends that has even heard of Arctic Monkeys.

I really wish I didn't miss their last tour, of course I think the closest show was in Canada, but still I would have wanted to go.

I'm trying to learn to play when the sun goes down on guitar, but I suck at all the bar-chords.
I definitely think that the arctic monkeys are overrated. Their songs all sound similar, and just get rather boring. "I bet that you look good on the dancefloor" was entertaining, but the rest is tiring.
quite good lol.... Razz
I think they are overrated, but I still like their music.

They just released their new album - what do you think of it? IMHO, it's not as good as their debut, but some songs just rock! 'Old Yellow Bricks' has already become one of my favourite songs Smile
i still haven heard the new album except for brianstorm - whats the word yo?

are we giving thumb up or a thumb down or something somehwere between? i m interested to know as i like arctic monkeys first album much Smile
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